Practical Hacks in Determining Where to Install Your Ethanol Fireplace

Practical Hacks in Determining Where to Install Your Ethanol Fireplace

Adding an ethanol fireplace into your decor can be a tricky thing, especially when it comes down to the math. While aesthetically, we can always try and figure out the best corners for our new furnace, setting up the proper placement for it is another thing. After all, there are defined measurements in which an ethanol fireplace will work best, especially when it comes to vision and warmth. You don't want to make it look like a fish tank that is settled on the floor, or a substitute television placed to high from where it should be.

There are some rules of thumb to follow when it comes to installing a unit on the wall. These guidelines are the ones many experts use to give them a better idea of the fireplace position. If you're still scratching your head and losing your inner argument as to where exactly should you put your ethanol fireplace, here are your hacks:

Eye level is important. After all, that's what the real fire is for; you want your family and guests to enjoy the sight of the flickering blaze dancing on the other side of the glass. Now, finding where the best eye level is crucial. The primary viewing is mostly done from a seated position, so from here, we can assume that the eye level is about 40" to 42" off the floor. For a better placement, make sure that the top edge of the furnace opens at that height or even a little lower. You want to look at the ethanol fireplace without the obtrusive frame at the top.

The second viewing level is from the standing height. Here, you need to measure about 60" to 65" off the ground, where the eye falls on the furnace. This, however, is for a blank wall dedicated to the fireplace, making it the sole focal point. If you have an artwork or an entertainment console combined with it, you need to apply the same guidelines as the seated viewing level.

Remember that your ethanol fireplace needs to be refueled at times, and it is also important to place it on a spot where it is comfortable for you to reach out into the tray and start the fire without hunching back.

Make sure that the bottom edge of your wall fireplace is not placed lower than 15" off the ground. Why? Because you won't be able to admire the blaze from underneath. This rule is excluded if your fireplace burner is designed to accentuate the lower parts of the wall, as suggested by a professional.

It is always best to create a rough draft of the interior before installing the furnace. Make a sketch of the plan and calculate the right measures before you actually set up your ethanol fireplace. This way, you get to see the whole picture before touching any of the décor in the room. At some point, rearrangement of the furniture may be required to accommodate your favorite objects.

For more tips about ethanol fireplaces, please stay tuned to this blog. Meanwhile, head on to our store and see our wide collection of ethanol fireplaces!

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  • Caris Cruz