Make Your Summer Sizzle with an Ethanol Fireplace

Make Your Summer Sizzle with an Ethanol Fireplace

Have you been thinking that your ethanol fireplace could only be used indoors for those cold seasons? Think again. This summer, you can make your outdoor moments more special by adding a touch of warmth over your landscape. And we're not talking about building grand canopies or adding complex sculptures over the garden. Our suggestion is much more easy and less difficult: just place a tabletop ethanol fireplace over your favorite spaces, and make it more interesting during night time!

That's right. An ethanol fireplace, positioned outdoors. Thanks to its flue-less design, your ethanol fireplace can easily be installed whenever you wish. Freestanding units are available to decorate those dark-lit areas where you and your family can lounge together while watching the night sky, reading a book, or drinking wine. Looking for some tips on how to decorate your home with these non-mount units? Here are our other suggestions:

  • Add one by the pool side. Fire and water have never been the best of friends, except with this design. Light up your poolside with a freestanding fireplace, smartly placed atop the table or positioned to an empty corner for an impressive effect. This furnace type contains no harmful residue that will put you at risk, and it is perfect for well-ventilated areas as it scatters no ash. After your hours of soaking, you can warm up beside the fireplace and cozy up with your family and friends.
  • Install a few on the stairs. Create a dazzling effect on your staircase by adding smaller ethanol furnace units on the ends. The beautiful flickering fire will guide your guests towards your home, adding a romantic, whimsical appeal to the area. This is perfect for those special occasions, whenever you host a party for your favorite people.
  • On the table. Let your ethanol fireplace take the center stage as you decorate a grand table filled with your best gourmet. A perfect alternative to dripping wax candles, these ethanol furnaces are surrounded by a glass shield, protecting anyone from getting burnt, while imbibing a whimsical feeling in the entire atmosphere. You can choose to purchase a unit that resembles a candle, or choose a unit of interesting shape to spark a touch of interest among your guests.
  • Light up the lounge. If you have an outdoor sitting area, install a freestanding unit as a centerpiece. There are burners that resemble a metal pot filled with pebbles, and will make a delightful visual treat as you relax in your outdoor sanctuary. The flickering light calms you down without the annoying fragrance or debris, unlike the traditional stove which requires regular attention due to the ashes it creates.

Make the best of your summer outdoor activities with a functional and decorative ethanol fireplace. Easily find one to suit your space’s theme and character with our collection of beautiful, minimalist pieces that fits every needs and want. No matter what size, shape or frame you like, the Ethanol Fireplace Pros has gathered all the best in one spot! Take a look and shop from our collection today.


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  • Caris Cruz