How Will You Know if Your Ethanol Fireplace is Safe?

How Will You Know if Your Ethanol Fireplace is Safe?

The rise of ethanol fireplaces brought many reactions from consumers. On one hands, there are those who are excited at the thought of decorating their homes with this aesthetically beautiful, portable furnace. On the other, there are those who are skeptical about how it could be sage. Why? Unlike electric fireplaces, ethanol furnaces run with real fire. What makes it more intriguing is that it does not require any vents or chimneys to operate, since it produces no toxic smoke, unlike the gas and wood fireplaces. Ethanol fireplaces sound too good to be true, that's why many buyers are delving into this furnace's attributes to uncover secrets.

What made many people shy away from ethanol fireplaces is the news of it exploding during use. Nothing could be scarier than a furnace that blasts into an explosion inside the home; not only would it put your family to risk, but will also damage the rest of your property. But the truth is, ethanol fireplaces are created as safe alternatives for consumers. However, we admit that there are less-than-quality units sold in the market. So what constitutes a safe ethanol fireplace? Find out here and make the right purchase.

There are smart, albeit obvious ways, in determining whether a certain ethanol fireplace is suitable for safe use. We're divulging each factor for you to look into and hope that this will change your mind about switching to an eco-friendlier furnace for your home. Not only will this change your lifestyle (no more dusting of ashes and cleaning chimneys), but you also get to remodel your home in the most captivating way you can.

Your ethanol fireplace should be tested and certified. Always look into the product's specifications to see this very important detail. Those marked with Swedcert, UL, C-UL and SP Sitac are remarkably safe to purchase. The reason? Well, fireplace manufacturers are not legally required to invest in a certification. This, in particular, is very costly and demands a lot on their end. For one, manufactures have to supply units for testing, pay a huge amount of fee for the test, and also spend a bit more on the annual fees. There will be no guarantee whether the product will be certified. Usually, the testing includes the placement of user manual and labels, and finally, the test. In some situations, this involves tilting a unit into different positions as well as smashing it with a heavy mass. In order to be certified, that unit needs to pass all the tests. These tests help ensure that whatever impact is applied on the fireplace, it will be able to work properly as before.

This is the reason why your fireplace unit costs a bit more than the others. Having this little stamp placed in the box only shows the commitment of the manufacturer to produce a unit that will serve consumers in a hassle-free way. Always ask for the certification. Spending a bit more on this will bid your woes and fears goodbye, and you can easily infuse an ethanol fireplace in your home without the worry other consumers carry.

Buy ethanol fireplaces from trusted brands, like the Ethanol Fireplace Pros. We’ve got a great collection of ethanol furnaces, from burners to stand-alone units, that will fit every lifestyle. Visit our store today!

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