How To Install A Recessed Ethanol Fireplace


Adding a bio-ethanol recessed fireplace to a room is a sure way to bring style and warmth to your home or office. It is a wonderful way to create a focal point in any room. Having a fireplace recessed into your wall creates a clean, crisp and modern look.
Installing anything, in general, can be complicated and take up a whole entire day. Check out these steps and install your own recessed ethanol fireplace today!

Note: If you have no electrical or carpentry past knowledge it’s best to contact a professional.

Safety Precautions

Before you get started installing, you’ll need to understand your clearance and the best place to put the ethanol fireplace. Ethanol fireplaces can be installed in or against combustible surfaces such as walls, but the fireplace should be at least 3 feet away from combustible materials such as furniture, paper, curtains, bedding, etc. Always check your product manual for clearance instructions for the size of the fireplace you chose.

(3 feet) away from the nearest flammable material, such as curtains and furniture,
(3 feet) away from the ceiling,
(2.5 feet) off the floor

Recessing Ethanol Fireplace - Wall Opening


Note: Before installation, plug in the fireplace and make sure it works - check the lights and heat settings and if they all work, proceed with the next installation steps.

1. Cut an Opening in the Wall for the Unit

The specific size of the opening can be found in the installation manual for the particular unit you are installing. 

Recessing Ethanol Fireplace - Wall Opening

2. Fireproof the Wall or Insulation

Always check your installation manual - you’ll learn which frame size you need for your wall opening - it’s usually ¼” larger than the original ethanol fireplace dimensions. You need to make sure that the Inside walls of the recess opening should be made of or lined with a fireproof material such as cement board, wonder board, or steel sheet. Use metal studs
for framing.

3. Installation of Brackets

Check the installing guide for positioning instructions, they attach the fireplace to the wall  

4. Place the Fireplace In Its Spot

Insert your ethanol fireplace unit into the wall opening and slide it into the brackets. which may be a two-person job depending on the weight of your fireplace.

5. Insert the Burners

Not all but some ethanol fireplaces will have their burners separate from the body of the fireplace.  You may need to insert the burners into the chambers of the fireplace itself.    

6. Install The Front Glass Panel

The final step is placing the tempered glass piece in front of the flame it will prevent people, pets or objects from getting into the flame.k.

Final Thoughts And Suggestions

Every fireplace and placement of the fireplace will be different, and not every placement will be as easy as the steps listed above. Certain places are more difficult and certain tasks will require a professional electrician or carpenter. If you are ever unsure about these steps, call a professional and don’t risk the potential danger and trouble it will cause by doing it yourself.  Each ethanol fireplace comes with its own manufactures instruction guides, so you can properly install your unit. 

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