How to Create a Modern Mid-Century Interior

How to Create a Modern Mid-Century Interior

What is mid-century decor? This popular interior is well-loved for its clean, sophisticated looks inspired from the 1950s and 1960s. Despite the passage of time, it is a style still loved by modern households, and is an obvious choice for many chic, urban nests. Take a look at what makes a mid-century home special, and how you too, can apply it to your home!

  • Pick the right furniture. Mid-century items are identified by clean, straight lights with curved angles. Straightforwardly convenient and cozy, this furniture relies on bulky upholstery construction, wooden details, and even metal or fiberglass accents. Usually, mid-century styles have one or dual colors with solid designs and no patterns.
  • Cool colors. The motif for mid-century styles relies on the cool, muted hues. Darker tones are combined with neutral ones to create a satisfying look. There's not much adventure in colors as designers choose to stay in a single palette, with a splash or two of something bright. Take for example a white embellished room with beige furniture accentuated with a teal or lemon wall.
  • Less is best. Mid-century is al about clean looks. In fact, this decor allows certain items, such as wooden furniture or a lovely marble tabletop, to take center stage rather than making a confusing clutter. The entire appearance is fresh, basic yet complete.
  • Let your lights shine. Table lamps are a staple in a mid-century decor. They lend an imposing factor in a wood-themed interior. Look for lamps with white or muted shades and a curvy, tall vase; it could easily become a nice accent to a side table. Other light options are industrial lights with finished metal and long legs, which is fitting for floor lamps. Chandeliers are rather extravagant; spider-designed pendants are a favorite in this style.
  • Add some retro. Your mid-century decor won't be complete without an unexpected vintage element in between. Add a retro couch in the middle of your muted themed furniture. Or install geometrical wall hangings to decorate your empty walls. Textiles are an easy choice when going retro; choose abstract, asymmetrical patterns with solid colors and basic designs.
  • Party Preppy. Looking for a younger, vibrant mid-century design approach? Why not go preppy! Add splashes of orange with your white and neutral tones and incorporate other quintessential decors, such as a houndstooth pattern, a sunburst mirror or a damask couch. Tip: make sure that the colors go well together for you to get away with this fresh décor idea.
  • Fireplace with flair. Since this design focuses on the basic, why not add a beautiful yet simple fireplace to wrap it all off? An ethanol fireplace is perfect for your mid-century overhaul, as it comes with no added frills. There's no need for vents, chimneys and flues; just have it set up on your wall or tabletop, and you've got a beautiful heating unit that adds more flavor to your space.

With these tips, you can have your own mid-century home, even on a budget! You can easily find furniture and décor in retail stores and even local flea markets; find items that speak of your style and personality and incorporate them inside this timeless décor you’ll surely love.

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  • Caris Cruz