Ethanol Outside the Home

Ethanol Outside the Home

A popular trend has arisen regarding the use of ethanol fireplaces. People enjoy the multitude of benefits that are included with them. These fireplaces burn bio ethanol, and do not require a chimney for venting. However, people do not always realize that ethanol fireplaces can be placed outside the home as well as inside.  


Portable Fireplace Units

If you want a beautiful focal point for the outside of your house, you may be thinking about installing some sort of fireplace. Ethanol fireplaces are good choices if you want to spruce up your patio or backyard. The portable units are small and compact, so as to be easily transported.

As well, there is no need for a plug or a utility outlet. The fireplace can operate self-sufficiently, as soon as fuel is added to it. There are no by-products being added to the atmosphere, so you can sit outside and enjoy your ethanol fireplace with no worries. Most portable ethanol fireplaces are made out of materials that are durable and sturdy. The glass is thick, and the unit is constructed out of weather-resistant materials. This is to ensure that you can use your fireplace outdoors through every season!



Do you really enjoy fighting with sticks and matches when you go camping? It can sometimes be a real struggle to set up a workable fire in the middle of the woods. Luckily, ethanol fireplaces are easier to handle. When you go camping, all you have to do is pack up your fireplace and take it with you. There are models that are specially designed so as to look like real logs burning.

Although ethanol fireplaces do not provide as much heat as regular fires, you can still enjoy the warmth and the sight. As well, when you are camping with an ethanol fireplaces, you do not have to worry about forest fires. Ethanol fireplaces will not ignite the surrounding trees, as long as you use it correctly. Be careful about spilling the fuel, and do not pour ethanol onto an already burning fire.


Ethanol fireplaces are handy when you do not want the bother of a real fire. They are cost-effective, and are quite safe to use. What is even better about them is that they are not restricted to one singular area. With a portable ethanol fireplace, all you need to do is pack it up and take it along wherever you want to go! This way, you can invite your neighbors over for a barbecue and show off your lovely modern fireplace. As well, you can bring it along on your next camping trip, and save yourself the bother of starting a real fire.     

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  • Candace Osmond