Ethanol Fireplaces and Bohemian Inspired Homes

Ethanol Fireplaces and Bohemian Inspired Homes

A warm, romantic atmosphere constantly enjoying an eternal summer, Bohemian interiors are heavily dashed with earthen hues and accentuated with bright, geometric patterns. Laidback and comfortable in its own skin, Bohemian decor is perfect for the eccentric homeowners who delights in things unconventional: a bohemian rug, a Southeast Asian sculpture, an abstract painting of splatters, and deep brown woodwork.

Creating a distinction from another vintage decor, the retro, Bohemian interiors make use of bold, floral patterns paired with bright gold surfaces. Here, it's all about warmth. The colors are usually pleasant to eye as it takes you back to a summer vacation where everything was freely kissed by the sun. Taking cues from this design is nothing difficult; get in touch with your romantic sensibilities and redecorate your space into a nostalgic urban, Boho-chic setting. Here is how:

  • Color cues. Tie die, abstract and loud geometrical patterns forming floral abstracts are your best hints. They speak Bohemian a lot. Throw a nice rug over your comfortable couch and let it linger there. Don't worry about being symmetry. Indulge in your creative liberties when taking a play with your textiles.
  • Mess with the balance. No, it's nothing orderly, but Bohemian still looks good due to its nicely assembled colors and patterns that merge well together. Take hints from this math: bold colors against neutrals, small patterns against bigger designs.
  • Plants make poetry. One way to decorate your home is to fill it with objects that produce something you need--like oxygen. A few pots of aloes atop that pantry doesn't only make the kitchen look good, but it absorbs the unnecessary carbon dioxide. Put some on a DIY macramé and let it hang on the stairs or by the terrace.
  • Fringe fuss. Bohemian interiors love fringe, and you can see tassels and beautiful locks of strings decorating curtains and bedsides. Make your own fringe on your smaller textile like throw pillows. Or alternatively, hang a selection of strings by the doorway to create a whimsical effect to your room. Another potential alternative: a beaded curtain you can easily do by yourself.
  • Fiery furnace. Wondering how to decorate your new room with a fireplace? Choose an ethanol stove. These needs no chimney, no flue and no vents. Just simply mount a unit on your wall and your Bohemian inspired space will become warmer than it looks. Perfect for an autumn season lounge!
  • Decorate with dreamcatchers. Easily turn your headboard into an interesting part of the room by hanging a Bohemian staple, the dreamcatcher. We don’t know for sure if it bids those bad dreams away, but we’re certain these items will surely make a mark in your space. Add little gems, glitters and sequins to make it more interesting.
Bohemian interiors are fun, cozy and charming in its own right. Create a beautiful setting with this inspiration, and pair it with the right fireplace to keep you warm. Choose from our collection of beautiful wall mount, free standing or table top ethanol furnaces to accompany you during those chilly nights. Visit our store today!

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