Ethanol Fireplace for Every Room in Your Home

Ethanol Fireplace for Every Room in Your Home

An ethanol fireplace sounds like a perfect addition to a home interior. There's something beautiful about is a minimalist design that can easily be adapted into various living spaces. But don't limit its form and function to your favorite den; in fact, you can place your ethanol furnace just about anywhere in your home! Since this furnace does not require any vent or chimney, you can easily lodge it on a wall or a free space and get your much-desired warmth without a problem. From large centerpieces to small accent burners, you can enjoy the versatility and beauty of your ethanol fireplace.

Ready to get some designing ideas? Here are some areas where your ethanol fireplace can be installed!

In your living room

Do you have a blank space on your wall and you're wondering what to do with it? Install a recessed ethanol fireplace! Underdeveloped walls are perfect canvasses to the beautiful glass frame that contains a row of dancing flames.  Of course, you need to make sure that fireproofing standards are met before putting one up. You can also design your own fireplace instead of purchasing one on retail.

Make these empty, flat spaces a highlight of the room. The dancing flames offer some decorative feature in this usually ignored part of the room. It doesn't matter whether your interiors are of solid colors, concrete, marble tiles or bricks. Your ethanol fireplace can easily complement it.

In the bedroom

Add some cozy features in your bedroom with a decorative ethanol fireplace. You can choose one that can be installed in the wall, or a freestanding unit that amplifies the warmth in your room. Watch out, however, for proper ventilation. Leaving a part of the window open will help in air circulation.

In the bathroom

Did you know that you can have an ethanol fireplace in your bathroom? This offers a relaxing getaway from the world as you come home from a stressful day at work. Lounge in your bath or sit in your lounge. Turn your ordinary sanctuary into a blissful part of your home. The fireplace adds a visual treat to your eyes and skin, as it helps in warming the place after your long soak.

In the garden

Enjoy your summer nights with your patio lit by a beautiful fireplace. Instead of warming over the open fires, you can enjoy a clean, eco-friendly alternative with a portable, table fireplace. It makes a grand decorative statement and produces no toxic fumes that may harm your health. The fire runs out automatically when the fuel is depleted, so there’s no need for fire extinguishers to be nearby.

Easily enjoy this versatile fireplace anytime, anywhere in your home, without the restrictions. Make sure that you purchase quality units and fuels from the trusted brands. Take it from the pros; we’ve got a list of well-loved ethanol fireplace in different designs to match every room of your liking. From tabletop units to recessed wall fireplaces, you can always find quality fireplaces in our store. Visit us and discover an ethanol fireplace for your favorite place!

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  • Caris Cruz