Ethanol Fireplace and Minimalist Interiors

Ethanol Fireplace and Minimalist Interiors

Gone are the days when homeowners used to overstock their homes with various objects and oddities. A library of books, a shelf of antiques, a rich gallery on the wall, along with the many prints and patterns used on the furniture and textiles. While these items look beautiful on their own, when looked at as a whole, these could cause confusion in your interiors. Eclecticism only looks good when done with much balance and control.

The new approach to home interiors is guided by the basic and the simple. Minimalism strips off the unnecessary items in the room to give way for more imagination and creativity. Less is more, so to speak. Less of the eye clutter, more of the substance. With minimalism, you can enjoy blank walls, bigger spaces and a few accents without feeling lackluster. All because you focus on what's important, according to your own preference. 

This may sound surprising, but your interiors affect your mood. When you walk into a room filled with so many different things, your feelings toward it tends to be confused and even stressed. With so many things to focus on, staying inside a room with an abundance of decor can tire your eyes, and your mind, out. Minimalism eliminates that and helps your vision look and feel free, enhancing your mood.

One point of this interior design is that simplicity makes you feel rested and calm. Brain responds positively to symmetry, and this leads you to appreciate the beauty of balanced space. This is why many homeowners push into putting furniture and decor in line--there's enough psychological proof that this helps them feel satisfied and content. Minimalist interiors, therefore, might just be the perfect solution to keep your life and lifestyle uplifted.

To keep your interiors current yet cozy, how about adding an ethanol fireplace in your room? This modern fireplace is perfect for the simple aesthetics, as it does not require a line or a vent. You simply install it on the area you prefer, light it up, and feel the relaxing warmth embrace you. Ethanol fireplaces are usually constructed with basic yet beautiful elements that can merge seamlessly with your favorite styles. It comes in solid colors and some, with metallic frames, emphasizing sublime simplicity.

Having an ethanol fireplace is just like having a traditional furnace. The screen produces a dancing fire atop a thick glass or stones, all spread out the entire box to give off heat. Without the need for a chimney, you can enjoy your ethanol fireplace anywhere in the home! Install one on your wall and accentuate the brick or stone material without overpowering it. Or create a magical fire by using rows of burners on a white space. This fireplace goes well with different construction materials such as marble tiles or a concrete slab. Alternatively, you can also choose to install a freestanding ethanol fireplace that makes a great companion to any dining space or kitchen.

Convinced at the beauty of ethanol fireplace and minimalist interiors? Browse through our shop and discover one that fits your home!

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