Does An Ethanol Fireplace Give Any Heat


With a bioethanol fireplace, the very first question that most ask is whether or not they give of actual heat and whether or not the flame is real. The short answer is yes on both accounts but there are definitely longer versions of those answers. Let’s get to it.

Ignis Ardella Bio Ethanol Recessed Wall Fireplace

How much heat can you expect from a bio ethanol fireplace?

A traditional, standard fireplace that burns wood can produce heat at a level that is about 6-9 kW. Really, it depends on the model and heat of the fireplace. Generally speaking, one kW is enough to heat 20 square meters; this means that your traditional fireplace pumps out an absolute ton of heat.

Much like a natural, traditional fireplace, the amount of heat that you get from a bio ethanol fireplace depends greatly on the model that you use. On average, an ethanol fireplace will produce around 2.5-3.5 kW when it is burning. While not as strong as your traditional fireplace, it can be used as a source of heating but not a permanent one. To keep bio ethanol fuel burning at that level for a long period of time, you would have to buy a substantial amount of bio ethanol fuel.

How does it heat?

One of the other differences between your traditional fireplace and an ethanol version is that the traditional fireplace will give you some heating rays that a bio ethanol fireplace will not replicate. But with a bio ethanol fireplace, you get heat instantly as opposed to a traditional fireplace that can take a b it of time to warm up.

With a traditional fireplace, the heat is distributed evenly throughout the room as the hot air flows from the flame. With the ethanol fireplace, after it is done burning, it will not give off heat anymore. Simply put, you get longer lasting heat from a traditional fireplace.

What kind of areas can an ethanol fireplace heat?

One of the best things about a bio ethanol fireplace is that they can be used just about anywhere. Any place that you would like heat to be generated, you can place an ethanol fireplace. There are very few limitations or restrictions involved in an ethanol fireplace; you don’t need to use piping or heating installations much like a regular fireplace does. This gives you a greater versatility in where you can place it and how often you can move that ethanol fireplace.

Generally speaking, you don’t want to have a fireplace as a primary source of heating. It can be quite costly to have to provide the amount of fuel needed to keep the fire burning and to keep it burning hot enough to heat your home thoroughly throughout the coldest of months.

Where it might be highly beneficial is during the fall months. Most of these ethanol fireplaces have the capability to be used outside. Bringing an ethanol fireplace out onto your patio space can turn it into a cozy space when the temperatures are starting to fall but there isn’t snow on the ground yet. It is important to note that most ethanol fireplaces are not meant to heat huge rooms and if they do, it is not meant to do so for a long time. It simply is not the way bio ethanol fireplaces were created and you will have to burn through a tremendous amount of fuel to keep a sizable room heated for a significant amount of time.

But when you use a bio ethanol fireplace, you get to avoid a lot of the hassles that come with your traditional fireplaces. Things like chopping your own wood or having to buy it from a local source, the smoke and soot that comes from burning the wood, ashes and other things that can make a traditional fireplace smelly and dirty, needing to be cleaned thoroughly after just a few uses. Bio ethanol fireplaces do not leave any emissions aside from the carbon dioxide that it burns off. That means no clean up is necessary when using a bio ethanol fireplace as opposed to a traditional fireplace.

Bio ethanol fireplaces come in all shapes and sizes and, because of the ventless installation, you could even put one in the back of a car or truck if you so desired. That is how versatile and simple to use that they are.

One of the great things about ethanol fireplaces is that, since they aren’t burning quite as hot as a standard traditional fireplace, they can make for excellent mood lighting without making a room terribly hot. If you buy a smaller unit, you can provide a wonderful ambiance to any room without making it uncomfortably warm and stuffy.

While ethanol fireplaces are not meant to heat a room or home consistently over long periods of time, they are highly versatile and can give off enough heat to keep a space warm and toasty for hours on end. Their versatility is what makes them stand out from the traditional fireplaces that they compete with. Being able to move an ethanol fireplace to literally any room in your home, office, or yard is something that a traditional fireplace just cannot compete with.

Not only that, ethanol fireplaces are clean burning units. Unlike the traditional fireplaces that we have become familiar with, there are no emissions to deal. Traditional fireplaces can require cleaning from time to time due to the build up of soot and ash that can occur over a period of frequent usage. With an ethanol fireplace, you can use it as much as you’d like without having to worry about cleanup as a result.

Bio ethanol fireplaces have become commonplace in homes around the world because of their ease of use and installation, their effortless cleaning capabilities, and their versatility. Keep any room in your home or office comfortably warm for hours on end when you implement an ethanol fireplace into the mix. It beats the traditional fireplace in so many different ways and will leave you infinitely satisfied.

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