Designing A Room with Ethanol Burners

Designing A Room with Ethanol Burners

We have always talked about ethanol fireplaces; how it produces clean, healthy fire without the pungent smoke, and how it does not require vents and chimneys in order to work. This time, however, we're focusing on another type of ethanol fueled unit: the ethanol burner, and how it could be the perfect item to suit your modern decor.

The ethanol burner is the very heart of your ethanol fireplace. Most often, it comes in form of a tray, but newer models have produced square and round types to create interesting looks for fireplace units. These burners are where the magic happens. With the fuel tray filled up with clean ethanol, you can lit up with a match and watch the beautiful fire produced, spreading in rows rising up with vibrant embers.

Models from trusted manufacturers are crafted from excellent grade stainless steel to deliver high performance every time. These burners are tested to work without difficulty; some comes with sliders and shut-off systems so that the flame only burn in dedicated zones. There are also those which comes off with regulatory systems that reduces impact of wind and control running costs. The simplicity of its design makes it a favorite item by many interior designers, creating a modern twist to a dream home's hearth.

Perhaps you have seen ethanol fires at work inside glass-cased units. But how about taking the tray out and removing the frame for some interesting upgrade? To some, this may look dangerous. But for others, this opens up a whole new possibility of decorating a room with a vibrant, natural charm. Fireplaces are now reinvented, thanks to these modern innovations that allows old, traditional stoves to be transformed into new heating systems. Instead of wood, you can achieve a clean, ventless fireplace you and your family can enjoy.

The best part? No more restraints.

Embedding ethanol burners into a home's interior has now become a popular design trend. Flueless inserts gives you the freedom of achieving the concept of an open fire which can be easily controlled via electronic systems. Imbibing necessity with a great knack for aesthetics, modular units are now replaced by free form burners placed in the most unlikely corners of the home.

With an ethanol burner, fire has now become a decorative object, more than a warming appliance. These modules come with a discharge pipe and can be blended into any decor. Some include fire ribbons and lines. These recreates fireplaces in wall niches, on the countertop or even in the ground. It goes beyond its regular function and becomes a visual addition. For the creative homeowners who wants something fresh and out of the box, a tailor-made ethanol burner design is a great choice to add in your decor.

Moving without constriction, fire becomes an infused element in the open space without the hazards of smoke and debris. Ethanol burners have less carbon footprints yet delivers a modern sense of glamor into the home. Design your own burner and discover the thrill of having an open fire, warming your space while adding a spectacular charm along with your other décor.


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  • Caris Cruz