Design Ideas for an Ethanol Fireplace Burner Insert


There's no denying that a hearth is the heart of the home. A warm, inviting fire crackling on cool evenings is soothing and comforting. It's perfect for those dreary, rainy days when you're sure the sun is never going to break through the clouds again.

We can't all be lucky enough to have a wood-burning fireplace, but adding a fireplace to your home has become easier with the convenient and affordable ethanol fireplace burner insert. One of the best ways to dress up your home – whether you go modern, traditional, or artistic, these lightweight alternatives to wood-burning hearths are a beautiful addition to your home.

If you're interested in how you can put one of these ethanol fireplaces to work in your home, check out these design ideas, and a few suggestions for the perfect smokeless, fume-free, and low-maintenance ethanol fireplace insert for your plan.


A Modern Look

Imagine a free-standing wall divider between your dining and living rooms, but instead of a solid wall, there's a chunk in the center cut out, in a blocky C-shape. Where the wall is missing is a glass-encased fireplace that turns on and off with your smartphone.

For do-it-yourselfers, building your own hearth sounds like a fun project. Those who may not be so handy or great at crafts might want to hire someone for this idea.

If you want to turn your flame on and off with your smartphone, you should consider the Smart Bio Ethanol Electronic Burner – you can get one in silver or black. Be sure the slot is slightly larger than the insert you purchased – you can get one as small as 18 inches or as large as 72 inches across. The extra space around the insert is necessary to accommodate any expansion of the metal.

Can't decide between the silver and black finish? There's an easy way to decide. If you're looking for the fire to really pop from within a dark finished wall, choose the black. The flame from the silver ethanol insert looks great with brighter colors. Oh, and don't forget to pick up a pack of bioethanol fireplace fuel – it's eco-friendly, so you won't have to worry about hazardous fumes chasing you out of your home.


Tradition Meets Technology

Those who prefer a traditional fireplace style, but don't want the hassle of a flue and having to chop firewood and kindling can still get the look desired with these new fireplaces. Pick a wall where you want to have a hearth and choose a red or white brick design. In fact, a white brick wall with the silver Smart Bio Ethanol Electric Burner would be a clean look that can work for almost any décor.

A glass "screen" offers two purposes for your traditional-gone-modern fireplace. It's a safety feature that's important if you have children – it can help minimize their exposure to the constantly flickering flames. Plus, it helps block drafts to keep the flames going, and not licking at the edges of the installation.

To make your turn from traditional to tech-enhancement complete, get the WiFi-enabled version of an ethanol fire insert. It's a small fee extra, but it lets you connect your fireplace to other smart home devices, which lets you set up a schedule for your fireplace.


Bathe in Luxury

A long soak in a hot tub is relaxing as it is, but what if you add a ventless fireplace to your bathroom? Traditional fireplaces were usually found in the living room because that's where the chimney was built. With the invention of these eco-friendly burners, though, you don't have to do a complete overhaul on your home to add one of these to any room you choose.

As long as you have a non-combustible space to place an ethanol fireplace, you can have an instant fireplace – like, right next to your tub. The Eco Hybrid Bio-Ethanol Burner is a great choice for this sort of installation. It's more affordable than other options and doesn't require an electrical outlet or ventilation system. 


Revamp an Old Fireplace

Here's another great idea for a portable ethanol burner: repurpose your existing fireplace. All you have to do is clear out the space to make room for your new woodless fireplace, add some of the Bio ethanol fireplace fuel, and then turn it on. The Ignis Bio Ethanol insert is a great choice for this because it's a great size for an existing fireplace at 36.5 inches long.

The fuel tank on this portable fireplace is big enough to hold 10 liters of ethanol, which gives you about 12 hours of uninterrupted flames. This could be an excellent alternative to firing up your central heating system in the dead of winter. Just gather the family around the hearth and soak up the warmth.

Adding an ethanol burning fireplace to any room of your home is an excellent way to rejuvenate an outdated look. It's also a great way to add a pop of modern design to your home without having to invest in a whole new look. It's a design element that can complement a room's look, or it can be the focal point.

And the great thing about these portable fireplace solutions is that you can put a fireplace wherever you want in your home. Stick one in the bathroom for deeper relaxation. Add one to your bedroom for added ambiance. You can even choose to place your ethanol fireplace in a coffee table that has a slot designed to hold on. Just make sure it also has glass on either side of the flames. Burners and recessed fireplaces are a great option to save on space since they can be installed flush against the wall.


To complete your fireplace's look, you can purchase ceramic pebbles or ceramic wood pieces. Whatever you choose, the design is only limited by your imagination. Are you limited on space in your home and had to choose between a TV or fireplace? Mount your TV on the wall, and below that, cut a hole in the wall, add the necessary non-combustible materials and make room for your ethanol fireplace. 

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  • Candace Osmond