Create a Focal Wall in Your Living Room


It is commonly said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. This is where meals are cooked and enjoyed, and the family can congregate together. However, the living room is the room that is often showed off when company comes over. People work hard to make their living rooms look nice, and part of that is creating a focal wall. A focal wall can be made many different ways. We are recommending a few in particular in the article below.

World map accent wall

Having a world map spread across a wall can be both educational and interesting. People can view the countries on the map while they are visiting. They can brush up on their geography skills, and remind themselves of places that they want to visit.

Accent wall with wood pallets

Although the exposed wood look is not everyone’s favorite, it can still make for a great focal wall. It brings in a sense of rustic charm that can help tie a room together. You can choose wood that is a different color to make it livelier or keep the colors the same.

Fireplace TV console

An interesting concept that has recently been designed is the fireplace TV console. The fireplace is embedded into the stand using an insert, and the TV can be set up on the surface above. This is convenient because you can enjoy the warmth of the fireplace while enjoying your favorite shows.

Mural accent wall

You don’t have to be incredibly artistic to appreciate murals. All you have to do is select a mural design that you really love. Some examples include a forest scene or a mountain view. This can be unique to some of your guests who have never seen art displayed on a wall like this. If you prefer, you could simply create a wall mural using abstract shapes and colors instead of a set scene.

Bookshelf accent wall

Shelves can be a great way to add interest (and storage) to a living room wall. Paint the wall a nice color, and then set up multiple shelves so that the wall can still be seen. Then you can add books or trinkets to fill up the shelves.

There is a wide variety of ways that you could create a focal wall in your living room. If you are not interested in any of the suggestions above, a quick Google search will bring up lots of others. By daring to be a bit different, you will be the talk of your friends and neighbors. They will be impressed the next time that you decide to host a party or get together.

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  • Candace Osmond