Converting Your Fire to Bioethanol

Converting Your Fire to Bioethanol


Are you fed up with your fireplace? Does the ongoing cleaning and maintenance (not to mention the bills!) get you down? Are you just looking for something a bit greener and earth friendly?


Your fireplace could be converted to run on bioethanol fuel with just a few simple steps.


Bioethanol is a clean-burning fuel which gives out heat and light without any of the smoke or soot. This means it doesn’t need a chimney or flue and can be installed anywhere you want around your home or garden.


Here, we go through a step by step guide to help you convert your fire to run on bioethanol.


So say bye-bye to costly fuel bills and the mess of having your chimney swept and say hello to a clean and efficient fire for your home.


1.      Check your fireplace

First things first, check your fireplace thoroughly. If you’re using it to burn wood and coal then it will probably be what’s known as a closed fireplace which will be something like a wood burning stove. Using a bioethanol burner is possible with a closed fireplace but you must make sure that he stove door remains open so the flame stays controlled.


2.      Is your fireplace non flammable

This sounds a little weird but it actually makes sense. Some fireplaces are very old and might not have the same safety level of a modern house. Any wood surrounds or anything flammable should be removed and replaced with stone, marble or even stainless steel.


3.      Measure your space

You need to make sure you buy the right burner for your fireplace – too big and it will overpower the surround and could become dangerous. A too small burner could look lost in the space and might not give off the heat you are used to.

Bioethanol burners run very hot so look at the room size you have. If you have a large space and just use the fireplace to take the chill off then a bioethanol fireplace of the same size will usually be fine. However, if it is a small space which heats up quickly, you could downsize and still get the same amount of heat.


4.      Decide whether you want the conversion to be permanent or temporary

You can get burners that will sit inside your existing fireplace without needing any adjustments. This means if you just want to use bioethanol for a while, or for an elderly relative to make maintenance easier, you can still do this but leave the fireplace intact so it can be used in future. But if you want to make the change permanent you can fit the fireplace insert into the surround seamlessly so it becomes a permanent fixture in your home.


So if you’re thinking about converting your fireplace to be more eco friendly, cheaper to run and more efficient, then consider choosing a bioethanol insert for your fireplace and take these steps to easily transform your home.

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  • Candace Osmond