Bio Ethanol Tabletop Fireplaces

Bio Ethanol Tabletop Fireplaces


Do you enjoy decorating your home to make it look its best? Do you prefer the sleek, modern look when it comes to furniture and décor? It may be in your best interest to consider investing in a new fireplace. Specifically, a bio ethanol tabletop fireplace could be worth looking at. Why is that? Read on to find out!

No toxic fumes or by-products

Ethanol fireplaces are popular mainly because of their low environmental impact. They are designed to burn using liquid ethanol. This chemical is renewable, and only generates a small amount of carbon dioxide. The fireplace will produce heat for the inhabitants of the home to enjoy. No one should worry about fumes inside the house. The only thing to be aware of is to make sure that the room where the fireplace is located has an adequate supply of fresh air flowing in.

They make great centerpieces

Sometimes people like to spruce up their dining room by placing a centerpiece in the middle of the table. This creates a visually appealing focal point for people to enjoy when they are in the room. Tabletop fireplaces are unique in the fact that they can be placed on surfaces such as tables. They can burn safely and cleanly, with no need to worry about open flames. People might enjoy looking at the synthetic flames while they eat a meal or have a conversation at the table.

Efficient in terms of space

Bio ethanol tabletop fireplaces are compact and do not take up a lot of room. The only space that they would take up is a small area on the table. This means that this type of fireplace is ideal for homeowners who have downsized on where they are living. They can enjoy the benefits of a beautiful fireplace without having to own a large home. Even if people have large homes, sometimes it is nice to avoid the cluttered look of lots of furniture. Simplicity in terms of decorating is sometimes the best option.  

Helps with the electricity bill

In the cold winter months, it can be difficult to fight the bitter temperatures. Continually raising the thermostat can negatively affect your electricity bill. Tabletop fireplaces are powered with fuel, not electricity. This means that there won’t be any additions when paying for electricity, and you can still enjoy the extra heat that the fireplace provides. You will need to purchase fuel for your unit, but this can be a cheaper alternative. For example, you can buy fuel in bulk quantities for lower prices.  

A bio ethanol tabletop fireplace is an interesting addition to a home. They can provide beautiful focal points for the room, as well as generate admiration from visitors to the house. If your guests are not used to seeing a fireplace burning on a tabletop, it will create excitement for them to see. Your house will be the talk of the town when you host dinner parties and neighborhood get-togethers.

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  • Candace Osmond