Aqua Fire: What You Need To Know About This Incredible Feature


Possibly one of the best oxymorons known to mankind, aqua fire sounds like it’s straight out of a comic book. But really, it’s an actual feature you can add to your home. And it’s not something you have to be worried about, you can touch it and play with it. It’s not fire, but it looks like it, and it’s truly amazing. Keep reading to learn more.

What It Aqua Fire?

Known as the ‘safest fire on the planet,’ aquafire is pretty new to the decor industry but booming incredibly fast. With the beautiful glow and appearance of an actual fire, it’s really water. It’s fire that you can play with and run your hands through without risking any injuries. Aqua fire is just how it sounds- water that looks like fire.

How Does It Work?

Aquafire fireplaces are the future, and they make any fire feature utilizing actual fire seem like a thing of the past. You will never again have to worry about hot glass, heat, gas lines, or proper venting ever again. This is why: it’s flame imitation. This type of flame imitation is created by water vapor and LED lights, which creates a very realistic flame without the risk of heat or smoke inhalation. Neat, right?

What Are The Benefits?

Super safe, and super effective at being absolutely gorgeous, there are endless benefits to flames created by water vapor. Besides that you can literally play with fire (what looks like it), it’s completely safe around adults, kids, pets, and anything that comes in contact with it. This is because there is absolutely no heat and no danger of being burned. There are many other benefits including easy installation virtually anywhere, affordable and energy efficient, and absolutely zero air pollution.

Where It Should Go

Placement is one of the most tricky parts, especially when it comes to something that can be placed almost anywhere without hassle. Just like real electric fireplaces with actual flames, aquaflame styles can be dual-sided, placed in bathrooms, living rooms, and bedrooms. But what makes them so versatile compared to traditional fireplace designs is the other places they can safely go- on shelves, free-standing on other furniture pieces, or even in place of an old fireplace that doesn’t get used.

How Installation Works

Being generally way easier than a traditional fireplace (or even an electric fireplace) installation, it really only takes a few simple steps to get one of these awesome aquafire pseudo-fireplaces installed into your wall, or free-standing in some random space. First and foremost you have to figure out the area you want it and your following plan of action. The awesome thing about these fireplaces is that they can actually be hung on your wall; not dilled, inserted, wired, etc. However, there are ways you can formally install one into your wall or an existed/abandoned fireplace area. Make sure you always contact a professional if you don’t have any knowledge of electrical wiring or carpentry.

Final Thoughts

Using water vapor to create a pseudo-flame is genius, really. Maintenance free and completely safe in your home, these gorgeous centerpieces are becoming very popular in small or large spaces. Many of them are portable as well, being that they are hung on the wall. So, it’s an investment you can make and carry as part of your household decor even if you move. Again, they are stunning pieces that come in many different shapes, sizes, and designs that will match your styling preferences.
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