Add a Warm Touch to Your Home with an Ethanol Fireplace


There’s nothing quite like snuggling up by the warmth of a fire on a chilly evening, but when people think of having a fire place in their home they often think of chimneys, ashes flying everywhere and having to build a fire using wood and kindling, which seems like a lot of work, money and up keep. Luckily, there is a now a way for everyone to enjoy this luxury without the hassle, and better yet, it can be enjoyed in nearly any room of the house! Ethanol fire places are becoming increasingly popular due to their ease of installation and the fact that they produce no soot, ashes or even smoke, and yet you are still able to enjoy the warmth and ambiance of the glowing flames. No matter the size of your home, it’s easy to find an ethanol fireplace to suit your needs. We have everything from a 78.5" Firebox to small, tabletop fireplaces

Bio-Blaze Square Large 2 Bio-Ethanol Fireplace

This sleek and stylish portable fireplace boasts a brushed stainless steel finish that will add a contemporary look to any room, and is even suitable for use outdoors! It is available in an endless array of colours so you should have no problem finding the look that would most compliment your space, and with no installation required you can simply mount the fire place to the wall and see the flames appear in minutes. It burns exclusively on bio-ethanol fuel and does not require any flue, nor does it release any smoke or odor. Heat resistant marble stones are included with the unit to add a simple stylish touch and at a length of 43” and height of 21” it would be a perfect focal point for any empty wall space. Add this beautifully designed fire place to your dining room, den or bedroom to make it warm and inviting all year round.

Bio-Blaze Qube Large Ethanol Fireplace

If you prefer the more modern look for your home, and want the freedom to move your fireplace to the space it is most needed then this is the one for you. The Bio-Blaze Qube has a modern, uncomplicated look with very minimal assembly required, and it comes in a large array of colours so you can find the perfect hue to match your existing décor. It has hidden integrated wheels so moving the unit between rooms, or even moving it outside to provide a bit of heat on cool summer nights is a breeze! You can feel good about keeping this fire burning for the full 6 hour burn time since the bio-ethanol fuel is environmentally friendly and you won’t bother guests or neighbors with harsh odors or smoke. The height of fireplace tops out at 31.5” and the length comes to 42”, making it an impressive statement piece in large rooms and backyard deck areas. The convenient portability of this fire place and variety of available colours will make it a must have for your home and outdoor space.

Bio-Blaze Valette Large Freestanding Ethanol Fireplace

This simple freestanding fireplace would be a clean and sophisticated addition to your common living spaces, and you don’t have to worry about featuring it on surfaces with delicate finishes since there are 4 felt pads secured to the bottom for the protection of your furniture. Built from high-quality stainless steel and tempered glass this fireplace will be warming your family and guests for years to come, and the ability to adjust the height of the flame, heat level and running cost means that you won’t have to run up your electricity bill to enjoy all the comforts your fireplace provides. The clean tempered glass provides and unobstructed view of the bright flames that will continue to burn for up to 6 hours with each fuel refill, and the bio-ethanol won’t pollute or toxify the air at all. It stands at a height of just 15.5” and is 33.5” long making easy to situate on a secure mantle or buffet table, adding ambiance to dining rooms and foyers. Want to add a little extra detail to the simplistic piece? Try adding on a set of ceramic fireplace wood logs or ceramic pebbles for a personalized flair.

Eco-Feu Paramount Biofuel Fireplace

This stunning, compact fireplace not only looks great but is portable and versatile so it can serve whatever purpose you need it to. The elegant design was created in Montreal, Canada and it is crafted from high quality, long-lasting steel. The tempered glass surrounds the 304 stainless steel burner providing a protective barrier between you and the flames without obstructing the heat or the glow. The 35”X13” piece can be used outdoors so long as it is not left in the rain, and can be used indoors as a freestanding unit or even be built into a separating wall, creating fluidity between spaces in your home and providing warmth to multiple rooms at once. Available in matte black or a gloss white finish, it would be easy to incorporate either one into any style of décor, and the Eco-Feu’s patent pending automatic convection system and shutter mechanism makes this fireplace state-of-the-art. With a flame height of up to 9” and up to 6 hours of burn time you and your guests will be fawning over this focal point piece all evening.

If you want to bring a little extra heat to your home while also adding a classic design element then one of these beautiful bio-ethanol fireplaces is the right choice for you. Not only are they going to be durable and something you can have in your home for years to come, but they are environmentally friendly as well and will not emit any harsh odor or toxins so you know your family will still be breathing fresh clean air. Whether you want something a little more understated like the Valette Freestanding fireplace or more of a show-stopping piece to complete a room like the Eco-Feu Paramount, the array of colour selection means you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for to complete your room. Getting cozy by the fire doesn’t have to be limited to chilly cabin nights any longer. Enjoy the warm glow of a bio-ethanol fireplace all year round from the comfort of your own home.

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