Transforming Your Basement Into a Luxury Spa


If your dream is to have a spa-like environment in your home where you can escape the stress of your day and the chaos of the world, but have a small bathroom, you may think you are out of luck. Well, this is not necessarily true. Have you considered transforming your basement into a spa? You can really get creative with that valuable real estate, especially if you have a large budget.

Determine the Layout - You really need to have a plan for such a large scale project. Once you determine everything that you want to include down there, plan your layout to make sure you get the most out of every inch of space.

Pool - Obviously, adding an in-ground pool will require a professional installation, but it certainly would be nice to come home and have a little swim after work, wouldn't it? You can even have a lazy river built that wind around the basement.

Hot Tub - A hot tub is going to be a little easier to install than a pool. Imagine a hot tub in the corner placed against natural rock or brick walls with soft lighting come from sconces. This will become your favorite spot in the house.

Sauna or Steam Room - You probably do not need both, and quite honestly, a sauna will be a lot easier to build in the basement than a steam room, but ultimately, it is your decision.

Massage Table - When you have your masseuse come over once a week they won't have to bring their folding table. You will already have one set up.

eco-friendly fireplace

Eco Friendly Fireplace - You can't have a spa without being able to be hypnotized by a dancing flame. Place one eco-friendly fireplace by your hot tub and another by the massage table. A larger basement may want a couple more than this. These fireplaces burn bio ethanol fuel, so they do not create smoke or fumes. This makes them perfect for basements.

Meditation Space - If you meditate daily, you might as well dedicate a space to the practice. Buy meditation cushions and blankets. You may also want meditation music handy.

Fridge - Keep bottles of water or pitchers of filtered water handy. You may also want to stock the fridge with fresh fruit or healthy snacks, especially if you're having friends over.

Fountain - The sound of cascading water is an essential in a spa-like atmosphere. Fountains come in wall, floor, and tabletop varieties. Make sure there is one by your meditation space.


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  • Brady Draper