Furnishings For A Small Bedroom


You finally find a home in your price range that is close to your job and in a good school district for the kids. The problem is that your bedroom is so small you are not quite sure what to do with it. You may even be tempted to not decorate at all, and keep the door closed all the time. Well, before you start holding a grudge towards that small space, put these furnishing tips to use to see if you can fall in love with it instead.

Dresser Bed

Okay, this probably is not the technical name. In fact, these double duty beds may not have an official name at all, but if you get one it will likely become your favorite piece of furniture in the whole house. A bed is perched on top of dresser drawers. These are most commonly found in twin size beds. Quite often it will get placed against a wall and have four drawers on one side. However, you can also consider a queen or king platform bed with drawers all the way around.

Nightstand with a Leaf

Most people do not even know these handy creations are available, so if you are just discovering them you are not alone. As the name implies, these nightstands have a leaf. So, they can double as a computer desk, craft table, or sewing station.


You really cannot go wrong with ottomans that open up for storage. You are probably thinking that you don't even have room for a chair, so why would you need an ottoman, right? Well, place a few side-by-side in front of a window and now you have a nice reading spot. This will also double as a bed for your cat when he wants to lie in the sun. Best of all, inside the ottomans you can store linens, shoes, purses, or anything else you don't have room for.

TV Lift Cabinet

If you are going to have a TV in your room it will increase the risk of the space looking cluttered. Since you probably only use it once a day at the most, buying a TV lift cabinet is a good idea. It will double as a dresser, and keep your flat screen hidden until you need it.

Keep Décor Simple

It is easy to overdo it, when it comes to decorating a small space. You see a painting you want for one wall, then you start adding shelves and knickknacks, and suddenly the space is a busy mess. Keep your décor simple.

bio ethanol wall mounted fireplace

bio ethanol fireplace will allow you to enjoy a safe and clean fire while you are watching TV or in bed reading. Since bio fuel creates a clean fire without producing any smoke you don't have to worry about air quality being compromise. A wall water feature is another décor piece you can add. Water and fire create a perfect balance in a room and really eliminate the need for any other décor.

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