9 Ways to Make Your Home Greener

9 Ways to Make Your Home Greener

With the way the world is moving and the direction we’re trying to take towards a greener, healthier, and smarter planet, it’s only common sense to do what you can around your home to make it more eco-friendly and energy efficient. Not only does it help cut down our carbon footprint, but it can also save you money. Win, win! 

1) Recycle

It’s 2016, if you’re not recycling in your home by now then you really should be. Find a place in your home to store a few plastic bins and recycle your glass bottles, plastics, cardboard, and metals. If not for the planet, do it for the extra spending money. Bring back your recyclables can put cash in your pocket.

2) A Green Roof

Not only is a green roof good for the environment, it’s also beautiful and trendy. They’re easy to do and make a great DIY weekend project. You can grow flowers, herbs, and veggies but also help better insulate your home while improving the quality of the air.

3) Modern Plumbing

By switching out your toilets and faucets for energy efficient models (which are pretty much the same price or less as regular ones) you cut down on your water consumption and save mega bucks on your annual energy costs.

4) New Bulbs

Swapping out your energy-sucking light bulbs throughout the house and replacing with greener LED bulbs drastically brings down your energy costs as well as your carbon footprint. Don’t be discouraged by the price. Yes, they cost more than a $.40 cent bulb, but they last a lifetime in comparison.

5) Ethanol Fireplace

Most people who have a fireplace in their home don’t use it as much as they would like. There're a few factors that go into that; burning wood isn’t exactly good for the environment, stocking your fuel source requires time and/or money, and the mess sometimes isn’t worth it. But what if you could have the luxury of a fireplace without all of that? A bio-ethanol fireplace is probably the way to go then. Zero emissions, low fuel cost, and no mess to clean up. Ethanol Fireplaces have many options from burners, freestanding, wall-mount, recessed, and even customized. The free standing fireplaces are extra nice because they leave no imprint on your wall.

6) Compost

Composting your organic waste in a proper compost bin cuts down on the amount of garbage you put out at the curb each week. It also makes great fertilizer for your garden.

7) Windows

Whether you’re planning a renovation or not, swapping out your old windows for better and more energy efficient ones not only helps the environment but also cuts down on your energy costs. Even better, there're tons of great government tax cuts to help pay back some of your investment.

8) Insulate Attic

Insulating your attic helps keep your heat in your home rather than escaping through the roof and driving up your energy bills. It’s definitely a no-brainer.

9) Solar Power

Adding a few solar panels to your home’s grid may not completely replace your energy source but it definitely helps. It’s also a great backup source in times of blackouts.

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