7 Ways to Give Your Office the Ultimate Facelift

7 Ways to Give Your Office the Ultimate Facelift


You probably spend, on average, 6-8 hours each and every day sitting inside your office. Whether it’s in a big, corporate building, or a comfy home office, you still deserve to spruce it up and make it your own. Give yourself something interesting to look at, add some conveniences, and throw in a dash of style. These tips should definitely get your creative juices flowing.


1) A New Chair

Sitting for hours on end can have bad side effects on your posture, lower back pain, and your basic comfort in general. Invest in a good chair, one that’s comfortable and supportive. You’ll be glad you did.


2) Artwork

Glance up from your computer every now and then and stretch your eyes, give your brain something beautiful to look at and not just a plain, white wall. Look around and seek out artwork that appeals to you and makes you happy.


3) A Fireplace

Hands down, the best way to add some class and comfort to your office is with the addition of a fireplace. If you don’t own your office space, have no fear, you can still get a portable fireplace. But if you do own the property, then consider installing a cool wall insert fireplace.


4) Music

Music is food for the soul. And when you’re happy, relaxed, and grooving to the sounds of your favorite genre, work doesn’t seem so bad. It helps to make the day go by faster.


5) Alternative Seating

Whether it’s for clients, guests, or for those days when you just need a change in perspective, having alternative seating in your office is a great idea. Consider a giant bean bag chair or a nice leather couch.


6) Snacks

Everyone needs snacks. Don’t deny it. And it doesn’t have to be junk food. Have a nice, stylish cupboard in your office that’s stocked with granola bars, trail mix, fruits, and other favorites.


7) Drinks

In the same light as snacks, you always need beverages to get you through the day. Set up a neat drink station with a mini fridge, tabletop, and shelving above to store drinks, glasses, and other things. It’s also great for when you have clients or guests, offer them a drink and they’ll be right at home.

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  • Candace Osmond