5 Unique Ways to Use an Ethanol Fireplace

5 Unique Ways to Use an Ethanol Fireplace

When we think about ethanol fireplaces in the home, they will typically be associated with good thoughts. Fireplaces remind us of love, warmth and companionship. There are many good stories of sitting around a cherry fire, talking and laughing with our loved ones. Ethanol fireplaces usually have a key placement in the home. They will be installed where people are more likely to be. Ethanol fireplaces will typically be put in living rooms or family rooms, so that they can be the focal point of parties and get-togethers. However, did you know that there are much more unique ways to use an ethanol fireplace? We will be discussing several of these methods in the article below. You might be surprised to hear some of them, perhaps you haven’t even considered all the different ways you can use an ethanol fireplace in your home!



Who would think that a bathroom is the place to put a fireplace? Bathrooms are small and impersonal, no place for a fireplace, right? Wrong! Bathrooms tend to be colder rooms in the house. They can be drafty, and neglected compared to the rest of the rooms in your house. However, they do not need to remain this way. You can easily fix this dilemma. The fact that they are cold and neglected is why they are excellent places to put a fireplace. An ethanol fireplace can cast a warm ambiance all around the bathroom, and the user of the room. This means that you can enjoy a nice relaxing bath while admiring the sight of beautiful flames. Bathrooms do not have to be cold and forgotten rooms in the house. You have the ability to make them a lovely place of luxury and relaxation.   


The entryway

This room might not be such a surprising place to put an ethanol fireplace. After all, what could be a better way to welcome guests into your home? Ethanol fireplaces have the ability to create a warm environment for all the people whom you invite over. They will walk in and immediately feel at home. Having a fireplace here will also make an immediate statement about your home. It will say that you are a homeowner who takes pride in how their house looks and feels to other people. As well, these fireplaces can take away the draft that comes in every time the door opens. Warmer houses will automatically make people feel more comfortable. They will be more encouraged to stay and chat in such a warm and cozy house.   



Basements usually tend to be the coldest area in the home. Even if people completely renovate and finish their basements, they will not be as warm as the rest of the house. They are at the lowest level of the house, and heat tends to rise to the upper levels. This can get annoying, especially if you are a person who gets cold easily. People sometimes avoid the basement, just because they do not want to shiver all evening long. Ethanol fireplaces can do wonders to warm up the basement of homes. People can easy adjust the temperature to an optimal level for their preference while they relax downstairs in their rec room. Once you have a warm and comfortable fire, the temperature of the whole space will rise correspondingly. You will eventually get so comfortable, that you may never want to come back upstairs!



The room that you are offering for your guests should showcase how much they mean to you. Putting some extra effort into your guestroom can be the turning point between welcoming and mediocre. Ethanol fireplaces can definitely assist in the conversion of a room into a great guestroom. As well, guestrooms tend to be colder than the rest of the house, because we keep the door closed most of the time. If you do not have guests over too often, then this is a room that will rarely ever be used. However, it will eventually need to be used, and should be ready and waiting to welcome your guests. Ethanol fireplaces can be turned on to quickly warm the room and get it ready for your guests. Guests will be impressed at the level of dedication that you will put into forming the room to perfection.   


On your patio

Ethanol fireplaces are great because they can be used inside and outside the house. Having an ethanol fireplace on the patio is a great way to embrace the outdoors. You can enjoy your beautiful backyard while staying warm up on your patio. In the daytime, this can be convenient especially for people who have children and pets in the house. You can watch them run and play in the backyard from your patio. And whenever they get too cold, they can come up onto the patio and warm themselves by the fireplace. This is also great for neighborhood get-togethers. You can host everybody outside on the patio, and turn the fireplace up for people to enjoy. If you have a barbeque on the patio, this can be even better. This is especially helpful during the spring and autumn, when the temperature is cooler. If you live in a mild area, you could even continue enjoying your fireplace and patio in the winter!

There is no end to the number of ways in which you could make your home unique. Deciding where to put your ethanol fireplaces opens plenty of options for you. By thinking of different rooms to put a fireplace, you can explore a much wider range of possibilities. The article above lists a few of the many unique places in a home where a fireplace can go. If you have some more ideas, feel free to try them out! Ethanol fireplaces are convenient because they can easily be taken out and installed in a different room. There is no need to fool around with ventilation and pipes! So simple!   

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  • Candace Osmond