5 Benefits of Indoor Bio-Ethanol Fireplaces

5 Benefits of Indoor Bio-Ethanol Fireplaces

All it takes is one glance to see why Ethanol fireplaces are all the rage right now.  These convenient and easy to install décor pieces can brighten your living space up by creating all the ambiance of a real fire with none of the usual choirs.  Bio-ethanol fireplaces are a great way to add an inviting centerpiece to your living room and there are few home décor pieces that spark the interest of observers like a bio-ethanol fireplace can.

These unique and innovative heating devices burn clean, so you can place them anywhere you desire, even in tight spaces such as hallways or smaller apartments.  Imagine reading your favorite novel snuggled up next to some gently burning embers.  This can be your reality no matter where you live if you decide to go with a bio-ethanol fireplace.  Below are the top 5 benefits of bio-ethanol fireplaces.


Chelsea Wall Mount Bio Ethanol Fireplace - Anywhere Fireplace

Chelsea Wall Mount Bio Ethanol Fireplace - Anywhere Fireplace

Bio ethanol fireplaces can really make a statement and a well-placed bio-ethanol fireplace is sure to capture the attention of any guests who happen across these unique décor pieces.  Bio-ethanol fireplaces do not require a flue, so they can be mounted almost anywhere with some model specifically designed to hang on walls. 

Try to get a finish for your fireplace that complements your current décor.  Marble, steel, and stone variants are available to finish your next fireplace perfectly.  Use your finish to draw out your accent décor colors and bring more attention to the details of your decorative scheme.


Bio-ethanol fireplaces are incredibly easy to install as they require no chimney.  These units are incredibly easy to operate and most have some form of a start button.  Higher end models usually include a remote to give you the ultimate flexibility when controlling the ambiance of your room.

Ignis 52" Wide One-Sided Ethanol Burning Smart Firebox

Ignis 52" Wide One-Sided Ethanol Burning Smart Firebox

A remote is an amazing feature to have and it can really add to your wow factor when you walk in your room and your fire lights to great you.  As technology continues to integrate more and more into our daily lives it is no surprise that some manufacturers are starting to develop mobile apps to increase the functionality of their devices. An example would be Ignis 52" Wide One-Sided Ethanol Burning Smart Firebox (picture above).

Efficient and Clean

Bio-ethanol burns extremely clean with the main byproducts being a small amount of water and carbon dioxide.  There is no smoke, ashes, or suit to ruin your furniture with bio-ethanol either.  This is a highly efficient fuel that has the ability to burn cleaner than most other fuels used in fireplaces today.


What good is a fireplace that can't keep you warm?  Bio-ethanol fireplaces burn warm and the heat distributes evenly to the surrounding areas.  This gives them a huge advantage over many hanging fireplaces that are electrically powered as they can’t compete in the amount heat created or the distribution qualities that bio-ethanol possesses.

Many hanging fireplaces don't even have real flames and instead rely on internal heaters to provide you with warmer temperatures.  Flame effects fireplaces are good for areas that are not allowed to have a real fire but for use in your own home, nothing beats the convenience and warmth of a well-placed bio-ethanol fireplace.


Few fireplaces are as easy to install as a bio-ethanol unit and considering some are even free standing, you may not have to do any installation at all.  Wall-mounted units are easy to install as well.   Simply drill the bracket into your wall using a level to ensure everything is proper and then just hang your fireplace up.  It doesn’t get simpler than that.

Eco-Feu Toulouse Tabletop Biofuel Fireplace

Eco-Feu Toulouse Tabletop Biofuel Fireplace

Considering a traditional fireplace can cost thousands of dollars and require hours of installation time, why wouldn’t you want to go with bio-ethanol unit.   You get a real flame, real heat, and clean burning fuel with these innovative centerpieces.

Choosing a Good Bio-Ethanol Fireplace

Choosing the perfect fireplace for your home comes down to knowing yourself and your overall decorative motif.  There are literally hundreds of different styles to choose from and deciding on the best fit for your personal needs can seem a bit overwhelming at first but after just a little research, you will be ready to make your selection.

5 Benefits of Indoor Bio-Ethanol Fireplaces - Final Thoughts

Now that you know all the benefits you get from switching to a bio-ethanol fireplace, it just makes sense to make the move.  You save energy and keep your lungs free of dangerous soot and smoke when you go with a bio-ethanol option.  These innovative décor pieces are transforming how we think of fireplaces by incorporating unique and more efficient heating methods.  Start enjoying a cleaner and healthier lifestyle with a bio-ethanol fireplace.There are just so many reasons why you need an ethanol fireplace!

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