4 Reasons to Buy a Bioethanol Fireplace

4 Reasons to Buy a Bioethanol Fireplace


You might have heard of bioethanol fireplaces, or ventless fireplaces, before. But on the other hand you might be sitting there thinking what are they? And why do they seem to be getting more and more popular?

Simply put, a bioethanol fireplace is a more eco-friendly version of the traditional log and coal fire.

Bioethanol itself is a fuel produced from plants such as maize or sugar cane and is already used as an alternative to petrol. Because it is a waste product, you are actually using a renewable energy source not a fossil fuel such as coal.

With global warming showing no signs of slowing, we should be doing all we can to use less fossil fuel and find ways to produce energy and heat our homes without producing harmful emissions or waste products.

This is where bioethanol comes in. But there are so many more reasons than just saving the planet. We’ve put together a list of some of the best reasons to buy a bioethanol fireplace or convert your existing fireplace to run on this eco-friendly and efficient fuel.


1.       No chimney or flue needed

This is where bioethanol fireplaces get their “ventless” name from. They do not need a complicated flue system or a chimney like a traditional fire. This means you can put a bioethanol fireplace (nearly) anywhere! With mobile or wall mounted designs, you can choose whether to make it a permanent fixture or move it from room to room as you need it.


2.       They get hot, hot, hot!

Some people may be put off thinking that these fireplaces don’t give off much heat. They would be wrong. An ethanol fireplace actually heats your room just under the amount a traditional fire would. Where a wood burning fire gives off around 6 kilojoules of heat, a bioethanol fire will give you between 2.5 to 4. This is nearly as hot as a traditional fire, but with none of the problems that come with it!


3.       Low maintenance

Anyone that has owned a traditional wood fire knows they look very pretty when alight but the next day it is not as much fun. Scraping out ash and coals is a messy job and then you have the problem with where to store this waste.

With a bioethanol fireplace there is little or no maintenance. You may have to wipe down the fire from time to time and give it a hoover to remove dust and debris but it is a very easy piece of kit to keep looking at its best.

Over time, a steel surround will change colour as it is exposed to heat but this is easily cleaned with some metal cleaner and a sponge.


4.       Anyone can use them!

With a traditional fire, you can be there for some time laying the wood just so and throwing match after match down only for it not to catch light. A bioethanol fireplace will start at the push of a button. Just fill the burner with the fuel and then light it with a tapered lighter. It turns off just as easily too – with no worries about leftover hot embers in the fireplace when you go to sleep.

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  • Candace Osmond