3 Commercial Settings That Could Use an Ethanol Fireplace


The recent surge of energy-efficient alternatives has been rising in popularity over the past several years. One of the most successful endeavors has been the ethanol fireplace. It is a fueled naturally and does not pollute the atmosphere. Bio ethanol fuel is a renewable source of energy, and will keep the fire burning brightly! Ethanol fireplaces can be used in the home of course; but are there other places where they should be set up?   


Is your office a little bit drafty? Perhaps your boss keeps the thermostat turned down to keep electricity costs manageable? If you work in a common space with a large number of other employees, an ethanol fireplace might be a good choice for keeping heating costs low. An ethanol fireplace runs on bioethanol, so it does not require electricity to operate. Installing one fireplace unit in a common workspace can heat up the entire space, and all the employees who work within it. As well, ethanol fireplaces do not require venting or chimneys. This means that there is no construction required. Your boss will certainly be happy to hear that!


If you work in a warehouse, you are probably accustomed to being a bit chilly. Warehouses are typically large and drafty buildings. They can house tons of materials or products. If these stored items need to be at a colder temperature, the entire warehouse will also be at that temperature. This can be quite unpleasant for the people who work there. Setting up an ethanol fireplace might bring workers a sense of relief. If they are ever too cold, they can go over to the fireplace and spend a few minutes warming up. This can raise the morale of employees, and the work will get completed more efficiently.


A retail location can be any type of commercial building that is used for selling items or services. This building might be large and drafty, or small and not insulated properly. Having an ethanol fireplace in your retail building will benefit you in multiple ways. First, the employees will enjoy staying warm and cozy as they carry out their tasks. Second, your customers will certainly enjoy having a charming fireplace greet them as they walk in. Happy customers are likely to bring in more profit for you!

Ethanol fireplaces can be set up without much of a hassle. The benefit that they can bring to commercial properties will definitely outweigh the cost of installing one. Keeping your employees and customers happy is a top priority. Therefore, why not invest in something that will keep you ahead of the game?  

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  • Candace Osmond