Decorating Your Urban Chic Home with a Fireplace

Decorating Your Urban Chic Home with a Fireplace

What is Urban Chic? This favorite interior design aesthetic is taking over many upscale homes. The reason: it possesses simple, minimal design elements that makes it easy to achieve. Mostly seen in magazines, homeowners can now discover inexpensive means of attaining this kind of interior without breaking the bank.

An urban chic design's strength is accentuating a single focal point without the mess. It could be a waterfall feature added to pacify the room. Or a well-lit fireplace that creates an ambient warmth. This design is achieved with a few basics, which includes:

  1. Neutral shades of furniture, usually in solid tones. The lack of pattern shuts down the noise, making it easy on the eye. It also adds an illusion of bigness, therefore expanding one's perception of the room despite its size.
  2. Walls are painted in the similar hue, creating a uniform look, and are kept almost bare. Light patterns, such as those from subtly designed wallpapers, are allowed. Brown and earth tones are preferred.
  3. Ornaments, such as accent cushions, must be in less vibrant colors. Palettes include light gray, lavender, pastel pink, light olive and sage.

If you're about to add a fireplace in your urban chic home, taking consideration of the aesthetic is a must. Colors in subdued tones are chosen as not to take the focus away from the room's main feature. A traditional fireplace may cause much cosmetic overhaul in the space; adding a chimney or a main vent can be excruciating in labor as well as in decorating. What you want is a fireplace that offers minimalistic beauty, but still exudes the right amount of warmth to cozy up the area. In this situation, an ethanol fireplace is your perfect solution.

Ethanol fireplace as your room’s main feature

Your ethanol fireplace can be easily installed inside your urban chic interior, without pulling away the attention from the other highlights. Most ready-made units are created with simplicity and minimalism in mind so that they can be seamlessly integrated into many different household designs. Ethanol fireplaces with recessed metal frames are among the favorites—the glossy shin adds a decadent, sophisticated look on the unit when installed on the wall. Black framed ethanol furnaces are also among the most purchased; the color, which goes perfectly with any other hue, is perfect for monochromatic and neutral palettes.

Don’t be limited by just one design; you can choose to have your ethanol fireplace installed in other areas of the room. Tabletop furnaces are available for small, flat-surface areas, such as a side table. There are also glass-encased burners for protruding pillars, perfect for corner accents. Other varieties include a full entertainment console to house your favorite media, giving off a uniform look for your shelving.

Whether you want your ethanol furnace as your main feature or as a harmonized element in your room, you can always find a perfect unit to go with your tastes. Looking for the best ethanol fireplace around? Trust the pros; discover a wide range of decorative units in our store. Browse through our excellent brands or discover how to make a design on your own.

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  • Caris Cruz