How to Transform Your Home into Industrial Style

How to Transform Your Home into Industrial Style

Industrial style is making a comeback, and we think it's staying for good. Designers are now looking back to the nostalgic, vintage aesthetic of old barns, warehouses and industrial buildings where design is minimal, but the function is terrific. Rustic aesthetics are found on exposed finishes such as bricks and logs. There's that feeling of rawness and decay in the varieties of textures and neutral colors. If you're one of those looking to infuse industrial style in your loft, you're in for a treat. We've got you covered on your musts and must-nots. Take a look at these tips and transform your home into an extraordinary industrial space!

Looking for the perfect inspiration? Walk through buildings with strong mechanical flair. What you'll be seeking: high ceilings, exposed beams, concrete slabs, brick walls, wood pillars and less of the pretty. There's no denying that industrial design is mainly masculine: the workaholic gentleman's den. If your home has ruff trusses and steel columns, you already have ideal industrial aesthetics. Start with those.

Mechanical Metal

Metals, wood and bricks are among the prominent finishes of an industrial design aesthetic. Steel and iron have been strongly infused in plumbing and lighting. Copper and brass, however, are slowly taking over the lead with their reddish, metallic glow. These are perfect for accent decorations: vases, pendant lights and minimal ornaments to be placed on the table.

Exposed mechanical details speaks strongly of the design. No need to hide ugly plumbing; homeowners get creative and use these blemishes as practical solutions for their room features. Some recreate pulleys and accordions as main highlights, adding DIY shelving to incorporate a stronger theme. There is a strong, steam punk appeal with this type of aesthetic, where engineers and artists make use of strong, raw resources and transform them into beautiful home spotlights.

Textural Transformation

It's all about rawness, but it's not primitive. Wood and metal, when blended harmoniously in a design, can form a unique, chic look for your home. Adding industrial elements give off a contemporary charm. Mix the aged architectural details with edgy and modern appliances for your kitchens. Use a slab of reclaimed wood as a working table for your pantry. A row of bulbs forms a romantic scene when left hanging atop the ceiling. Rustic metals and gorgeously patterned wood go together in a mix and match of textured and glossy surfaces.

A traditional fireplace may add a sentimental, countryside charm in your loft, but if you haven’t got any chimney, an ethanol fireplace would be your best option. Install it on your dining room to add a beautiful, amber imagery on the wall, or inside your great room, beneath your entertainment module. This fireplace does not require any venting, so you can place it just about anywhere.

Dress It Up, Dress It Down

While industrial design lets you strip down your decorating flair to a minimum, this doesn't mean you should hold back in your favorite splashes of colors and artwork. Turn a boring brick wall corner into a favorite highlight by installing a favorite painting, lit by a floor lamp or a spotlight. To step out from the masculine theme of the design, why not embellish tables with ceramic vases filled with colorful flowers? Choose comfortable, bulky furniture for that upscale, modern glam charm, or slender tables and chair to complete the warehouse theme. Make sure that these objects function as beautifully as their form.

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