Safety Tips in Using Your Ethanol Fireplace

Safety Tips in Using Your Ethanol Fireplace

There's a lot of safety myths surrounding ethanol fireplace that make consumers shy away from purchasing it. One basic factor is the absence of a flue; meaning, there is no guided path for the heat to be exhausted. While this means that you get all the warmth produced by the fire, the lack of ventilation is thought to cause a serious harm in the area. Another hazard would be the fuel used for the fire. Ethanol fireplaces make use of a highly flammable ethyl alcohol that can cause serious burns when applied without caution.

True enough, there are dangers in all aspects concerning fire and fireplaces, and an ethanol furnace is no exception. However, there are practical things you can do to prevent such accidents and to keep your family and home safe and secure. If you have bought an ethanol fireplace, you have made the right choice; now, here are some safety tips to maximize its use and to help you get peace of mind while your furnace is switched on.

  • When purchasing a new unit, always read the safety instruction / manual as provided by the manufacturer. It is true that most ethanol fireplaces work almost the same, but for an extra precaution, understand how your particular unit works before using it.
  • Keep children and pets away from the furnace, especially when it is burning. Inserts and burners must be properly covered by a glass case. Freestanding Fireplaces need to be in areas that will not have debris fall in to them.
  • Do not burn common, drugstore alcohol in the furnace. This might produce an unwanted emission that is toxic when inhaled. Your ethanol fireplace makes use of a special fuel as provided by the manufacturer. Only use the specified product for your own unit.
  • Clean up your fireplace regularly. Ethanol fuel that has spilled may cause fire in the home when accidentally sparked. Make sure that there are no combustible objects installed nearby your furnace.
  • Do not attempt to ignite your fireplace with unsafe devices other than a long match, or an extended lighter. Keep distance when lighting the furnace.
  • Avoid overfilling your ethanol burner. Measure portions up to 3/4 of your burner. Never attempt to fill your tank while it is still burning or while the unit is still hot. Leave the tank to cool down before applying new fuel. Replace the bottle top and remove the container from the furnace before lighting it again.
  • Do not store your ethanol fuel in direct sunlight or heat. For your safety, keep it in a cool, dry place, away from children. It is recommended to store it in closed cabinets, rather than left lying around.
  • When using the unit for the first time, the ethanol flame may be somewhat invisible. The same goes when the fuel is running out. Check the fire and make sure it is completely out before refueling; no flame should be present.
  • Always wash your hands thoroughly after refilling the burner. If the fuel gets into your eyes, flush the area with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes as first aid. Seek medical attention immediately.
Follow these tips and stay safe while using your ethanol fireplace!

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