5 Tips On How to Safely Fuel Your Ethanol Fireplace

5 Tips On How to Safely Fuel Your Ethanol Fireplace

Ethanol fireplaces offer numerous benefits. They are eco-friendly. They can be placed in almost any room in your home, and they imbue a space with a sense of warmth and comfort. To make sure that your ethanol fireplace provides an enjoyable experience for every member of your family, it is important to make sure that you closely follow the instructions of the fireplace’s manufacturer and those found on the ethanol fuel bottle.

The Benefits of Clean Burning Ethanol Fuel

The primary benefit of having an ethanol fireplace is that it is clean burning, which means that it does not emit harmful toxins into the surrounding air. The only byproducts of the fuel used in an ethanol fireplace are minute traces of carbon dioxide and water vapor. Consequently, ethanol fuel is 100% free of toxins and does not pose any threat to you should it be inhaled. It can be used indoors without having to worry about the fuel affecting the air quality.

An added benefit of ethanol fuel is that it provides an effective source of heating. Because of the fuel’s clean exhaust, you do not have to have a flue, chimney, or other type of vent to the outdoors. Traditional fireplaces that burn wood frequently loose up to 75% of their heat output through the chimney. However, because it does not require one, this is not a concern for ethanol fireplaces.

Safety Tips For Fueling Your Ethanol Fireplace

In addition to closely following the manufacturer’s instructions, here are several other tips for safely fueling your ethanol fireplace:

  • Never overfill the fireplace’s fuel storage tank. The tank should only be filled to level that the manufacturer recommends. (This is why it is important to carefully read the instruction manual.)


  • Never, never add additional fuel to a fireplace that is already hot or one that is currently burning.


  • Children should never be allowed to refuel an ethanol fireplace or tamper with the device. Additionally, it is important to ensure that pets cannot accidentally access the back of the fireplace.


  • Any accidental spillage should always be immediately and thoroughly cleaned up. Although spills on a permeable or non-porous surface will evaporate with time, they should still be thoroughly wiped down.


  • When it comes to lighting the fuel, experts recommend that you use a long lighter or long match in order to minimize the chance of accidentally burning yourself.


If you follow these simple tips, in addition to the manufacturer’s instructions, you will ensure that your fireplace will burn brightly and efficiently. The decision to purchase an ethanol fireplace is an investment that will bring many years of enjoyment to you and your family.

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  • Aldyn Miller