Can I Place an Ethanol Fireplace Under My Television?

Can I Place an Ethanol Fireplace Under My Television?

One of the most common questions homeowners ask about ethanol fireplaces is “Can I safely install my TV over an ethanol fireplace?”. They saw a picture on a home décor website or in a magazine and loved the idea of recreating it in their own home. While the idea initially sounds appealing, it is not something most manufacturers of ethanol fireplaces would recommend. Here’s why:

Electronics and Fire Do Not Mix Well Together

Regardless of what type of fireplace you have, most designers will discourage a homeowner from placing electronics too close to them. There is a distinct risk that your television could overheat due to heat exposure from the fireplace. If it does overheat, this could lead to a short circuit within the TV or significantly decrease its lifetime/performance.

It's not impossible to find articles that state a television can be mounted above a fireplace and that the TV will not be affected by the heat. However, what most people do not realize is that these articles are talking about wood burning stoves that utilize a flue. Much of the heat is dispersed in the flue; therefore, it doesn’t not affect any electronics mounted above it. Often times, the television is mounted in a separate and recessed shelf, which further reduces heat exposure.

It is possible to create an installation with an ethanol fireplace that would allow a person to mount a television over it, but it is going to be expensive and time-consuming to make. It may also involve altering the ethanol fireplace itself, and if the fireplace is altered, it could void the manufacturer’s warranty on it.

It Can Be a Big Pain In the Neck…Literally

Another issue that comes into play regarding mounting a television above an ethanol fireplace (or any fireplace for that matter) is usability. From an ergonomic standpoint, if the television is mounted too high, it can cause serious neck and back pain from craning your head upward for long periods of time. This angle and position is not natural for the human body.

Mounting the Television Above the Fireplace

If you are bound and determined to mount your TV above your ethanol fireplace, then you need to take extra precautions to ensure that the solution is just right. Here are a few guidelines we recommend you follow:

  • Make sure the television is recessed.
  • Use glass covers or a vent to disperse heat away from your television and other electronics.
  • Have a safe distance between the TV and the fireplace.
  • Use a shelf to create separation between your fireplace and the television. This will help to shield it from the heat.
  • Use a thermal camera to measure heat exposure in order to avoid heat exposure towards the television.
  • Last, but not least, you may want to consult a professional regarding the installation.

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  • Aldyn Miller