Built-In Ethanol Fireplaces: How Much Do They Cost?

Built-In Ethanol Fireplaces: How Much Do They Cost?

Have you been eyeing a built-in ethanol fireplace? We get you. There's something pleasant about the dancing warm glow of the fire, recessed on the wall. There's no need to stumble over impermanent fixtures which may cause hazards in the house. You have your own modern fireplace, finally affixed to your wall, creating the same warm like the traditional furnace, without the hassles that comes with it. And there are many reasons why you, along with other homeowners, are opting to go with the ethanol variety: there's no need for chimneys. No unwanted smoke. Just the fire in all its beauty, and you, with all your comforts.

Because it does not require a large venting space, ethanol fireplaces are perfectly suited to modern homes. Anyone can now experience cozying up to an open flame that fits their room size, as well as their budget. Installation is easy; an ethanol fireplace can be conveniently integrated on your wall without too much cosmetic makeover. Even if you had your own traditional fireplace installed, you can still make use of the ethanol variant whenever you prefer.

Q: Is my house ready for a built-in ethanol fireplace?

Yes, but the cost of your new installation depends on many factors. The most prominent would be the type of ethanol fireplace you want to install--this depends greatly on the design and construct of your unit. Popular solutions include made to measure fireplaces, standard models and burner kits. Let us help you walk through each type so you can see which option works best for you.

  1. Made to measure fireplaces are the most expensive of the three, and this is no surprise. Why? Because makers have to construct a tailor-made unit just for you. This requires communication on both ends so that the fireplace seamlessly blends with what you want. We recommend made to measure units for newly built homes, where you'll be making your interior design from scratch. This will cost you about $5000 to $10,000.
  2. Standardized models are ethanol fireplaces which can easily be bought in the market and are ready to be installed on your wall. The designs are usually minimalist and clean, so it can easily blend with your interior's themes. You won't be able to influence the standard model's design (unless you perform DIY solutions or communicate with its maker). However, you get to cut off a big chunk from the cost. This will only require $1500 to $5000 per installation.
  3. The last but not least is the burner kit, which is easily the cheapest variety among the three. However, don't belittle this option; it could be a beautifully integrated feature to your interior, as long as you open your mind for creativity. How? Burners are single-unit installations, allowing you to decide on the numbers and design yourself. If you are a DIY-enthusiast, this is a perfect solution for you. Most of the times, burners are designed with a straightforward construct so it can easily merge with other strong features. The cost depends on the model, there are units sold from $80 to $2000, depending on your wants.

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