Discover Design: Ethanol Fireplaces for Urban Homes

Discover Design: Ethanol Fireplaces for Urban Homes
Ethanol fireplaces can also be considered as interior-friendly furnaces. Why? Due to their convenient make and stylish design, homeowners can easily install this inside their lofts and benefit from the long-spanning warmth this fireplace produces. There's no need to put an effort in gathering wood; this fireplace can burn on its own, with the aid of ethanol fuel that fires up its embers. This is the reason why ethanol fireplaces are perfect for urban homes. There's no need for chimneys! These devices can easily add heat to every homes. It comes in different shapes and sizes so that it fits every space requirement.

If yours is an urban home, you can definitely benefit from installing an ethanol fireplace. Here are some ways:

Take it traditional

Enjoy a natural looking wall mount ethanol fireplace, just as you would with a traditional one. You'll get beautiful, dark-wood textured panels surrounding a black interior and a glass protector. But instead of throwing in wood, you only need ethanol fuel to light the burner up. Wall mounts like these costs less than $550, a big amount of savings compared to constructing a traditional fireplace.

Steel the scene

How about getting a metal-paneled recessed bio ethanol fireplace for your chic living room? This contains several burners that will light up your space, giving you enough warmth during the colder days. The rows of blaze create a wonderful aesthetic on your walls, adding a cosmetic touch to your house.

Circle Zen

Want something extraordinary? Break away from the regular, rectangular furnaces and purchase this smart, circular designed fireplace. It comes with a chic, kohl-black façade, a glass protector and a row of pebbles decorating its burner. This is a perfect accent feature for those unusual yet creative spaces, like your office or your lounge room.

Fueled Firebox

A freestanding two-way fireplace is a perfect paneling element, as well as a heating appliance in your home. It’s just like hitting two birds in one stone—you get to decorate your area with a metallic lined, boxed furnace that works well without the need for a chimney. These flexible hearths can be moved to any particular place you like, giving you versatility when it comes to form and function.

Sculptured Scope

Add an artistic twang to your modern contemporary home with a freestanding furnace, crafted with an irregular shape that will surely catch one’s attention. It’s a perfect centerpiece where you can work around your interior with. This particular black furnace is shaped in a triangular construct, pulling away from the uniformed appearance of hearths. The pyramid design is a great addition to the interior’s accents. And the best part—since it’s a freestanding fireplace, you can easily move it from one place to another, even in the outdoors.  

With an ethanol fireplace, you’ll never run out of options to warm up your favorite spaces in the home. They are intelligently crafted to suit your needs and wants when it comes to appearance, as well as use. Loved these designs? You can discover a wide range of ethanol fireplaces by heading over our online store.

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