Spruce Up Your Outdoors with an Ethanol Fireplace

Spruce Up Your Outdoors with an Ethanol Fireplace

Fire and outdoors go hand in hand. The sight of the burning flames, the feeling of warmth, the joy of having company as you sip on your wine or read on the book--talk about relaxing! You can bond with your favorite people under the night sky as you cozy up to the fire. While campfire has been the traditional favorite, there are new alternatives that makes burning a flame easier, with the need of burning wood. And the best part? You can take this anywhere and easily decorate your outdoors!

Freestanding Fireplace

Install a freestanding fireplace on your cozy backyard space. This flexible fireplace alternative is decorated with a beautiful base, paired off with a glass shade to keep the fire contained within the burner. It is modern and chic. It comes in different sizes so that the fire can accommodate your warming-up needs. Place this inside your outdoor lounge so you and your friends can enjoy dinner and stories during late evenings. Or install one inside a makeshift tent, during nights when you and your kids embark in an outdoor adventure. A bigger installation is perfect for spaces used in hosted events.

Gardens are among the best spots to install an outdoor ethanol fireplace. See the plants and flowers, all lit up with the dancing light inside the glass. Another great option: the poolside. Use this to warm you up after that exciting dip.

Tabletop Fireplace

For a warmer, romantic moment, why not use an ethanol tabletop fireplace? You can use this when you and your partner enjoy a dinner outdoors, watching the starry night and taking time to enjoy moments together. These small furnaces can be easily put on a flat surface and produce the heat and glow you need. There are several designs of tabletop furnaces; some in rectangular built and others, in a tall, cylindrical construct. Others are crafted with a Zen-like appearance: a tall basin and the fire erupting from a layer of pebbles. Your tabletop fireplace come in handy for those spontaneous moments and is a great investment for every homeowner.

Tips on matching your fireplace with the outdoors

  • A simple, minimalistic design is a chameleon; it easily blends in with the other colors and patterns in the surrounding. Fireplaces with a black base and a glass shade can easily be a great pick.
  • Keep your fireplace away from flammable materials. Make sure you keep a distance of at least one foot away from the furnace.
  • Use your fireplace as an additional lighting installation on your outdoors. This works perfectly with a well-lit patio. Add some romantic touch to your setting by installing rope lights or bunker lights embedded on the pathway, or the walls.
  • Choose decorative burners for spaces with flat looks: monotone furniture, uniform outdoor dining sets, and undecorated yards. This is to create texture in the imagery.
With these tips, you can enjoy lounging outdoors with warmth and light. Find the right kind of outdoor ethanol fireplace for you and decorate your favorite spot with the moving, dancing hearth.

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