FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About Ethanol Fireplaces

FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About Ethanol Fireplaces

The idea of something new can be scary, especially when the previous alternative still works in today’s society. A fireplace is a common household fixture and until recently they were used by burning wood. But the rise of innovation and the need for eco-friendly options has created some new alternatives to the traditional fireplace. Ethanol fireplaces are huge right now, but they do come with a ton of questions. Here you’ll find the answers to the most common inquiries about ethanol burning fireplaces to help set your mind at ease.

1) What Does an Ethanol Fireplace Burn, Exactly?
All ethanol fireplaces or fireplace inserts burn clean and pure bio-ethanol. Ethanol, known by its scientific name CH3-CH2-OH, is a modern fuel that’s combustible and made from plants or waste; an it’s also considered a highly renewable source of energy. Bio-ethanol is an eco-friendly alternative to the traditionally used fossil fuels. As it burns, it produces zero odor or even smoke, as long as it is sufficiently operating within a secured ethanol burning unit.

2) Why Don’t They Have to be Vented?
Because bio-ethanol fuel produces literally zero emissions, odor, or smoke, they don’t require venting. This means you don’t have to rip open your walls or install a chimney up through your roof. This also allows the owner to install the fireplace anywhere they please.

3) Can I Install Them Myself?
Yes, and no. If you’re handy and can follow instructions clearly then yes, you can install the ethanol fireplace yourself. The burners themselves are virtually fool proof to install, but if you’re going for amore permanent method such as a wall insert or custom fireplace surround then it’s recommended that you contact a professional to come and help.

4) Where Can I Purchase a Quality Ethanol Fireplace?
There are tons of great retailers who offer different models and designs. But you won’t find a better selection for high quality, affordable, and stylish ethanol fireplaces than those found on EthanolFireplacePros. Check out some of the amazing wall models they have right here, among many other options.

5) How Much Does the Ethanol Fuel Cost?
There are a number of different factors that play into the price of bio-ethanol fuel. Where you purchase it from, the volume in which you buy it in, and the brand. But a rough idea is about $.18 cents per litre. This is a significant price difference in terms of efficiency when comparing to other conventional burning fuels such as natural gas. If you’re looking for a cost efficient and eco-friendly option for fireplaces, then ethanol is the way to go.

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