Easy DIY Mantels For Your Ethanol Fireplace

Easy DIY Mantels For Your Ethanol Fireplace
Your mantel plays a big role in your room. Not only does it work as an added protection for your ethanol fireplace, it also offers a decorative shelving space for items you want to display. Modern, unconventional fireplaces have no need for a mantel, but you can have one for your own. Install it on top of your ethanol fireplace and discover its added aesthetic value to your space.

There’s no need to shell out money in purchasing that perfect mantel. If you’re ready to use your talent (plus a little inspiration online), you can create it with your own bare hands—or with the help of your family and friends. Ready for a DIY journey? Here are your options:

DIY Mantel #1: Welded Metal

These giant, metal slabs offer a modern, polished look for your interiors. This works perfect for urban-chic homes with wall-mount ethanol fireplaces. Clean, sleek and easy to maintain, this goes nicely with a masculine, industrial theme space. Set it against the exposed brick wall, or a wooden paneled surface for that complete effect.

How to make it: cut a piece of hard plywood according to the length and width you desire (this depends greatly on your ethanol fireplace; you want your mantel to be a bit longer than the unit). Cover it with sheet metal. Buff the corners for a polished appearance. Sand to smoothen out the surface. To install it on the wall, cut a cleat and fasten it using heavy-duty anchors.

DIY Mantel #2: Rustic Wood

Create that wow-factor into your living space by using a recycled material. Other than it adds texture to your area, this is also a way of expressing your love for the environment as you reduce waste. Instead of opting to buy for new materials, look around; you may find some hewn wood lying around the backyard! Once you find your material, it’s crunch time.

Get ready to measure up; split your wood with a miter (or a saw) accordingly. These will work as separate parts of the frame. Sand each piece to even out the edges and surfaces. Once done, now is the time for staining. This procedure helps in bringing out the weathered markings on the wood, creating a beautiful, raw texture. Assemble your wooden frame by securing the boards together. If your wall has a built-in crown or corbel, you can easily hang your DIY mantel without chipping off its surface.

A Few Reminders

Planning your mantel's size is important, especially if it's the first time you're installing one. Building codes must be taken into consideration when making one. However, in most cases, there should be a one-foot gap between your mantel and the top of your wall ethanol fireplace. When measuring, use tape to mark out the length—make sure it's longer than your fireplace box. Traditionally, mantels are attached to a crown or a backer on the wall. These backers, usually made of wooden strips, become the base for your frame and should snugly fit your DIY mantel.

Does this spark an idea? For more tips, stay tuned to this blog!

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  • Caris Cruz