Ethanol Fireplace Design Ideas: Rustic Stone

Ethanol Fireplace Design Ideas: Rustic Stone

Nostalgic, pastoral and romantic—rustic stone interiors, paired with your ethanol fireplace, brings you back to the old, countryside homes. It's a blast from the past, giving your home much character with the large stone walls and wooden slat ceilings. A simple wall ethanol fireplace creates a cozy atmosphere within the seemingly-cold setting, warming up rooms with the enchanting illusion of the fire. If you've been looking to redecorate your room with big, stone walls or a moody, brick panels, you're in for a treat! In this post, we'll share a few interior decoration ideas with pure rustic stone inspiration. Take some of these tips with you as you go along with your design.

Heavy on the Hearth

You don't need to completely cover your walls with stones; just focus on the fireplace! Stone veneers give you the same, cosmetic beauty of true-to-life rocks, but the good thing is, you don't have to punch a hole in your pocket. Warm up your room with a brick-laden facade, or a white pebbled feature to match any interior's motif. Pairing this with your ethanol fireplace, you get the vision of a lifelike furnace, without the need for giant logs, chimneys and smoke. This is a great idea for living rooms and home offices.

Provincial Panels

Sure, your ethanol fireplace doesn't require a chimney, but that doesn't mean you can't dress up your walls when you want to. Instead on just focusing on the hearth and mantel, why not go all the way up to your ceiling to create that dramatic effect? The rugged beauty of stone, in contrast to the color of your walls, adds a beautiful touch to your interior—this works especially on rich wood panels. Pick a stone color that adapts to the rest of the room's motif for a cohesive look.

Stack Up Stones

Granite and limestone are two varieties that offers a bucolic look when stacked together. The feeling brings you back to the old times where hearths are set ablaze with real wood, and families gather together to bond over soup during cold days. Place a wooden mantel atop the heavy stone arrangement to counteract the bulky appearance.

Picking Pebbles

Instead of veneers, why not install real stones on your fireplace installation? Choose big chunks of rock for that big, brazen look, or smaller pebbles for a subtler design. As for the mantel, smoothen off the sylvan appearance with a polished wood drawer. Add a vase filled with flowers to balance the setting.

White-Washed Wall

Instead of constructing a particular frame to set your furnace in, why not dedicate a whole wall? Cover one side with a roughly hewn limestone, or earthen colored bricks for that fuller effect. Instead of a mantel, how about placing a set of paintings, or a large mirror atop your ethanol fireplace installation? Decorate your room with a lot of greens to counter the stony effect.

With these tips, you can easily have a soothing, countryside atmosphere, right in your very home! Paired with your ethanol fireplace, you get to mimic the ambiance without sacrificing the property’s modern make.

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  • Caris Cruz