How to Make Sure Your Ethanol Fireplace is Safe

How to Make Sure Your Ethanol Fireplace is Safe

When it comes to buying ethanol fireplaces, one thing consumers have to be conscious about is the item's safety. It has to be said that, due to the influx of ethanol fireplaces, there are many unsafe varieties sold in the market. To the untrained eye, a fireplace which they consider as safe may lead into unwanted hazards, such as ignition and fire. So, what constitutes a safe ethanol fireplace? Take a look at these key factors and get peace of mind knowing that you have purchased the right product.

Your Ethanol Fireplace Should Be Tested and Certified

There are many certifications involved with maintaining excellent-quality ethanol fireplaces. Among them: UL, C-UL, Swedcert and SP Sitac. You can find the mark on the product's label, and on its manual. Purchasing a fireplace with any of these certifications ensures that you are buying an ethanol fireplace which is tried and tested, and built to last.

Actually, there are no legal standards that force manufacturers to seek certification for their products. However, there are stringent companies who value improved safety and asks for a third-party testing. Testing is the most crucial point in producing an ethanol fireplace. Tests vary, but it usually involves the placement of the actual product to different extreme conditions. Once the fireplace withstands all levels, it will obtain certification, proving the consumers of its safe use.

This, however, does not mean that un-certified fireplaces are not at all safe. Certification only signifies that companies are ready to push boundaries in order to prove their excellence.

Pricing Is Also An Eye-Opener

An easy giveaway for consumers is the product pricing; cheap price points (varieties depend according to size) can definitely raise brows. One potential reason for this is the expenses have been cut back in exchange for quality. Consumers should be on the lookout for poor raw materials and less-than-standard manufacturing processes. While we cannot generalize that all cheap fireplaces are unsafe, it is safer to look into products that are made by trusted brands, and are crafted from excellent materials. It is no secret that cheap fireplace purchases have lesser life span, and if you value safety and longevity, ensure you buy yours from an expected price point.

The Make Can Break You

Other than the materials used, it is also good to consider the construction of your ethanol fireplace. The burner, in particular, plays a huge role regarding the safety of the product. Among the things you must consider: its mass. Burners must be made from stainless steel and should weigh around 2-5 kilograms. It must also have a lid which you can use to regulate the size of the flames, and a spill tray, just in case you accidently spill fuel in the future. A cup system for the burner may seem like a good idea, but the truth is, this particular design could be dangerous. Cups rarely have a lid and once the fire is lit, it can be difficult to extinguish. This exposes you and your home in danger.

Be smart when buying your ethanol fireplace. Make sure you purchase yours from a trusted brand with a trusted make. Value the safety of your family, as well as the longevity of your investment, by choosing the safer options.

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  • Caris Cruz