4 Simple Ideas for Creating Modern Home Décor


The hallmark of modern home décor is simplicity, but with its geometric shapes, neutral color palette, and clean lines, simple modern décor does not translate to boring. Rather, modern décor should be warm and inviting. But how do you achieve this look? Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as walking into a home furnishings store and picking out a few items that have clean lines. To successfully pull it off, you must understand the basic principles behind modern décor.

  1. Keep it simple. As aforementioned, simplicity is the cornerstone of successful modern design. Keep the space you are designing as uncluttered as possible. Multiple studies have shown that clutter can lead to additional stress in your life, so the simplicity of modern décor can also improve your mental and emotional health!


  1. Technology must be streamlined. For example, decorating your living room in a modern décor does not mean that you have to forgo the technologies you enjoy on a daily basis. Think of built in DVD players, flat panel televisions, and hidden computers. Technological appliances should be tied to a room – as opposed to being lumped into the space.


  1. Open spaces are essential to the character of modern décor. It isn’t always possible to have wide open spaces, since most older homes have closed off living quarters, but you can create the illusion of space by keeping the lines of your room simple and straightforward. For example, you might consider replacing your room’s existing fireplace with a sleek, modern ethanol fireplace. This type of fireplace can offer warmth and comfort, and its clean lines will not interrupt the flow of the room. In a similar fashion, light and airy window dressings will infuse a room with an open feel, even if it is not.


  1. Add character to your modern décor through the use of color. Modern décor generally consists of a neutral color palette, but this neutral color palette is intended to serve as a foundation for you to infuse the space with character through color use. One main splash of color, accompanied by a few carefully selected, small pops of color throughout the room, can create a stunning effect. Think of an accent wall with a few matching accessories strewn throughout the room. The best part of all is that there is no right or wrong color to choose. The colors that you can choose to use are limited only by your imagination; however, you should limit your color choices to only one or two shades.


Creating stunning modern décor is not difficult, and there is ample room for you to experiment with different options. All you need to do is keep these four simple tips in mind, and you are guaranteed to create a décor that is spectacular!


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  • Aldyn Miller