5 Accessories to Spruce Up Your Home Office


If you have the pleasure of working at home then you probably also know how easy it can be to get distracted. Maybe something is just constantly luring you out of your home office. You know you need to get some work done, but you have no desire to be in there. Sound familiar? Well, have you considered that maybe your subconscious is just really bored with your surroundings? A lot of people don't even decorate their office because no one else sees it. You see it! You look at this space all day long. Your home office should inspire you. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Table Fireplaces - If you have ever sat in front of a warm fire you know how hard it was to get up. The flame just sort of keeps you there like a magnetic force. Table fireplaces have the same effect. You won't want to leave your desk with you have one lit. Table fireplaces that burn bio ethanol don't create smoke or emit any toxins either.

Tabletop Ethanol Fireplace

  • Paperwork Accessories - You need a letter tray, file holder, magazine holder, etc., so you might as well have a little fun with these essentials. Why have boring things? There are so many colorful and printed options available. Make sure your pen cups and containers for paperclips and other accessories are exciting, too.
  • Water Fountain - The sound of cascading water has a calming effect. It is a sound you will be naturally drawn to, so staying in your office will be easier. Plus, it will mask some neighborhood noises that generally ruin your concentration.
  • Colorful Drapes - Your home office doesn't have to be so proper. One of the perks of working at home is that you don't have a boss hovering over your shoulder. You might as well introduce a really vibrant fabric to your space. Sure, the window is nice to look out, but when this afternoon sun is beating in or you have a day when everything outside is distracting you, it is nice to be able to shut the curtains and still have something exciting to look out.
  • Wall Shelves - If your home office is like most, it is not nearly large enough. Maybe you can barely find your desk half the time because of all the clutter. Take advantage of the walls. Mount some shelves and fill them with colorful decorative boxes to hide everything in. You will be more organized and the clutter won't distract you.

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