5 Media Room Design Ideas


Freestanding Ethanol Fireplace

If you think that family movie night is exciting now just wait until you have a media room in the house. Are you living the single life? All your friends will want to hang out at your house, when everyone's favorite weekly TV show is on, so it can be watched together. Of course, this space will come in handy where there is a big game you don't feel like going to the bar to watch. A little careful planning will help make this room deserving of all the attention it is going to get.

  • Plan Ahead - Before you just start shopping, have a plan. How many people should it comfortably sit? Will you be mounting a TV on the wall? Is stadium seating something that you are considering? Keep the answers to these questions in mind when you proceed. 
  • Multipurpose Room - Is this going to solely be used as a media room? Do you want it to be a game room, too? Will you get a lot of use out of a poker table? Perhaps you want to combine your media room with a home bar
  • Comfortable Seating - No one is going to want to sit for a movie marathon, if they are aching after the first one. Do you plan on creating stadium seating? If so, understand that the flooring project to pull this off can be a lot of work. Are your ceilings high enough to produce enough space for the tallest tier? Bean bags are always a great option for media rooms because you can sit in them for hours and not get sore. Keep in mind that some people like to sit on the floor, so toss a few floor cushions on the corner for these folks to grab. 
  • Eco-friendly Fireplaces - A warm, dancing flame and a good movie just go perfect together. Eco-friendly fireplaces that burn bio ethanol will create the perfect ambiance. Plus, if your media room is in the basement like most are, you will appreciate the extra warmth in this space. 
  • Side Tables - You want to make sure there are plenty of side tables. Everyone should be able to set their beverage down without having to get out of their seat to do it. Not to mention, if you are serving snacks, these tables can hold them, too. Make sure the tables do not block any walking aisles. Guests should still have plenty of space to around.

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  • Brady Draper