Exciting Ideas for Your Outdoor Kitchen, Bar, and Dining Table


Every year you swear you are going to build an outdoor kitchen. You can host a lot more entertaining and won't have to exhaust yourself carrying everything you need to and from your home's kitchen to the grill outside, if you just get this kitchen built. This is finally the year you are going to do it, and you couldn't be more excited. These ideas will help you create your perfect outdoor space.

  • Horseshoe Counter - Rather than have your back to your guests while you are grilling create a horseshoe-shaped breakfast bar and grilling area. Place the grill near one of the ends. Then you can position chairs all around the horseshoe area. 
  • Ethanol Fireplace for Outdoors - Since everyone will be gathering in this area, you might as well have an ethanol fireplace for outdoors to keep folks warm when the temperatures dip a little. Plus, a fire will go a long way in creating ambiance for your gathering.

Outdoor Ethanol double sided Fireplace

  • Shade - Standing in the hot sun can already be unbearable, but standing in front of a hot flame in the sun is even worse. An umbrella can be helpful if the sun is coming at you from an angle, but you don't necessarily want an umbrella directly over your grill. You could turn this space into a room-like environment with a gazebo or canopy tent, too. 
  • Dining Room Table - Dining outside actually can be quite elegant without looking like you are trying too hard. An old farm table with a distressed finish will pair nicely with vintage-inspired seating. Add the right table cloth and centerpiece, and you have a sophisticated yet surprisingly welcoming and laid-back table for a formal gathering. Consider using a tabletop fireplace for a unique and captivating centerpiece. 
  • Bar - If your goal is to avoid making countless trips inside, you might as well build a small bar, too. Even if you don't drink or serve alcohol, this can be a smoothing station or just used as a place to hold bottled water, coffee, juice, or punch.

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