2015 Chic Design Trends for the Living Room


If you like to keep up with the most cutting edge decorating trends then you probably love being the topic of conversation with your circle of friends. You genuinely get excited over seeing the look on their face when they stop over and you have switched things up a bit with your décor again. If this sounds like you this list of chic design trends is definitely something you will be interested in.

  • Bird Nest Chairs - Suspended seating options are going to continue to increase in popularity. Bird nest chairs are fun and stylish. Hammock chairs are a more budget-friendly option, and you can buy them with their own stand, if you don't want to deal with having them suspended from the ceiling. Bubble ball chairs and rattan swing bed chairs are options, too.
  • Freestanding Ethanol Fireplaces - An eco-friendly, realistic flame brings warmth and ambiance to any room in your home. Freestanding ethanol fireplaces are exceptionally perfect for empty corners. You don't know what to do with that vacant space anyway, and they look great sitting there out-of-the-way of foot traffic.

Freestanding Ethanol Fireplace

  • Circular Bookshelves - If you are going to add a library-like feel to a space with shelves anyway, create a large circular one with individual cubbies. You can even have one built into an exterior wall of your home and have a circular window installed in the middle.
  • Colored Furniture - It is time to stop playing it safe with black, neutral, or gray furniture. 2015 is the year for bold, vibrant colors. So, buy that turquoise velvet loveseat or bright yellow modular sofa, and pair it with a striped chair.
  • Gallery Walls - Every home can have an art gallery-feel with a gallery wall. It used to be that you only mounted one painting or photo on a wall, but for this year designers are dedicating a wall to art. Maybe you want to cover it in old propaganda posters or perhaps you have a huge collection of bird photos you have taken from around the world that would look stunning framed and mounted.
  • Tripod Lights - If you have flipped through interior decorating magazines or watched home makeover shows lately, you have probably noticed that tripod lamps are becoming a hot new trend. They do take up a little more floor space, but the fashionable look they provide is well worth rearranging some furniture to accommodate one.

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