6 Tips for a Rustic Contemporary Space


Are you drawn to the inviting and comforting feel of a rustic space, but something inside of you is itching to give your home a contemporary edge? Rustic contemporary spaces are becoming quite popular, but they are not all that easy to pull off without the right tips. This guide should help you combine the two looks to create a space you will definitely be proud of.

  • Rustic Color Palette - Choosing the color palette can be a challenge. You could go with the trendiest modern colors, but quite honestly it is the familiar shades of a rustic color palette that tend to make a space magical. You will probably be happier, if you stick with deep, rich rustic shades, like rust, beige, and coffee, and then go a little heavier on the contemporary décor.
  • Warm Wood and Industrial Metal - Include a medley of warm woods and sophisticated metals. For example, a reclaimed tall, bar-like table in the dining room can be combined with stainless steel or wrought iron chairs. If you can find a way to combine all three, even better.
  • Wall-mounted Ethanol Fireplaces - Creating a focal point in a rustic contemporary space is not easy to do. If you go with an art piece from either genre it will look like you are favoring one or the other. Wall-mounted ethanol fireplaces are ideal because they create a natural focal point that is completely neutral. A wall mounted fireplace will complement both the rustic and contemporary elements.

Wall Mount Ethanol Fireplace

  • Mixed Pillows - Corduroy tends to be a favorite material in rustic spaces. Of course, you will also want to mix in a few modern fabrics on some pillows, too. The great thing about doing this is that the mix of fabrics creates a lot of depth in the space.
  • Mixed Furniture - The dining room was already touched on earlier, but if the living room is still in need of furniture, try to avoid having all matching piece. In a space like this, you can easily have a streamlined modern modular sofa with a set of reclaimed wood tables.
  • Exceptional Lighting - Since the rustic theme dominates in the color palette, you might as well add strong contemporary lighting pieces for balance. A wrought iron chandelier and brushed nickel track lighting should help create the look that you are going for.

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