Eco-Friendly Home Décor Accessories


Some people hear the term "eco-friendly" décor and picture dollar signs or boring pieces, or a combination of both. Eco-friendly is certainly not boring, and it does not have to cost a small fortune to accomplish either. Regardless of your taste, you will have no problem finding décor pieces that will complement your personal style.

  • Bean Bag Chairs - A bean bag chair is one of the most eco-friendly pieces of furniture that you can buy; this is especially true if you opt for one that is filled with recycled material. Even if your stuffing is not from a recycled source, these chairs are naturally more environmentally-friendly than traditional pieces of furniture because they last longer. This means they won't end up in a landfill sooner than necessary.

  • Clean Burning Fire - Anyone can appreciate the warmth and ambiance provided by a dancing flame. However, as you know there is absolutely nothing eco-friendly about a wood-burning fire. Fortunately, a bio fuel fireplace creates a clean-burning fire. These fireplaces are available in wall, tabletop, and floor varieties, so finding one to complement your space won't be difficult.

Freestanding Ethanol Fireplace

  • Jute Rugs - Jute is a sustainable and incredibly versatile natural fiber harvested from crops that enrich the soil. Manufacturing jute produces minimal emissions and waste. Many assume jute is only available in a natural shade, but there are some available in colors, too.

  • Bamboo Message Board - Dry erase boards are a thing of the past. Today, you can buy dry erase boards, but just think of that plastic that is going to eventually sit in landfills. Not to mention, there is nothing attractive about a plain white board. Bamboo boards get a veneer finish that can just be wiped clean.

  • Terrariums - Living art pieces are the best way to decorate an eco-friendly space. Rather than go with plants that constantly need watering, create a few terrariums. After the first few waterings the plants live off their environment, so you use less water.

  • Reclaimed Wood - Coffee tables, planters, vases, and serving dishes are just a few elements that are manufactured today using reclaimed wood.

  • Throw Blankets - Throw blankets serve many purposes beyond curling up under. Toss one over the back of the sofa, use one to hide a stain on the chair, fold a pile to put on display, or use a few as curtains. Of course, not all throws are eco-friendly. Organic cotton, wood, and linen are recommended choices.

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  • Brady Draper