Must Haves for a Mid-Century Modern Space


Do you love the look of contemporary homes, but you don't even want to think about giving up some classic pieces you have? Maybe you want to create a modern look that is not quite as contemporary or simplistic as what you usually see. Why not go with a mid-century modern look? Incorporate elements popular from the 1950's and 1960's paired with today's trendiest elements for a personalized space guests will be eager to try to duplicate the look in their own home. Below are a few ideas.

  • Pieces Older than You - Don't be scared to pick up a chair, table, lamp, or rug that is clearly older than you. This does not include vintage pieces. Opt for something that was obviously trendy before your time, like a striped couch or borderline tacky rug. It may provide the personality you are looking for.
  • Ethanol Fuel Fireplace - The great thing about an ethanol fuel fireplace is that even the most modern one can complement contracting pieces in the room. Plus, a fire makes a space look and feel more inviting, which is definitely what you want in a mid-century modern room.
  • Corduroy - It's always a good idea to incorporate a variety of materials into a space to create texture. If one of the materials can be corduroy this is an added bonus. Even a small mustard yellow corduroy pillow will make a strong statement.
  • Sewing Box - You don't need to have a sewing machine to put a sewing box to use. Mid-century sewing boxes often have skinny legs that form a triangular shape, along with a hard top that opens. Despite their age they can look quite modern. You can hide remote controls, video games, or magazines inside, and it can double as a table for a lamp or piece of art.
  • Wall Clocks - When was the last time you saw someone with an actual wall clock. Today's digital world has no need for a battery operated clock, but this is the perfect finishing touch. A contemporary sunburst one will give you the perfect blend of modern and mid-century in one.
  • Pendant Lighting - A pendant light in a retro ball, flower pot, or single tier shape will be ideal. If you have low ceilings, you can also go with a flush mount pendant, but make sure it is not just a boring ceiling light with a glass globe, like those often found in apartments. You can also go with something in the middle that suspends just slightly from the ceiling.

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  • Brady Draper