Top Kitchen Trends for 2015


Is this finally going to be the year you have the kitchen you have always wanted? For years you have been saying you would entertain more or be inspired to tackle new recipes, if you had the right kitchen. If you are ready to remodel, or even do a little redecorating, this list of the hottest trends in the kitchen will come in handy.

  • Go Bold with Color - Whether you want to paint a wall red or put a coat of bright turquoise on your cabinets, 2015 is the year of bold color. If you rent and can't make permanent changes just incorporate bright colors in your décor.
  • Wall Mount Fireplace - Everyone gathers in the kitchen, so it just makes sense to make sure it is as cozy and inviting as possible. Just imagine a friend pops by for tea. Think of the look on their face when you light the wall mount fireplace by the kitchen table. It is sure to be the topic of conservation.
  • Industrial Lighting - As with other rooms in your home, lighting plays a huge role in the overall feel. It is one of the first details people notice. Industrial-style lighting is popular for 2015 in the form of rivets, wire caging, old-fashioned light bulbs, and black, copper, brass, or stainless steel finishes.
  • Island - If you have the room to add an island this is a must. An industrial kitchen island is one of those things you will refuse to ever be without again, after you actually have one. It does not have to be a permanent fixture though. Mobile islands are all the rage, thanks to their efficiency.
  • Functional Drawers - Cabinets are no longer expected to be stationary and horizontal. If you are remodeling make the cabinet space work for you. Pull out drawers allow you to maximize every shelf since you won't have to practically climb inside to find something in the back. Vertical shelves are also convenient for storing cutting boards, tall bottles of olive oil, etc.
  • Porcelain Flooring - Available in a wide variety of colors, textures, and patterns, porcelain flooring is as durable as it is beautiful. It also happens to be a bit more budget-friendly than some other options.
  • Colorful Backsplashes - For 2015, backsplashes are used to really kick things up a notch. If you want to cover an entire wall in colorful tile go ahead and do it. Tile brings a unique depth to a kitchen that paint simply can't.

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