Easy Ways to Add a Rustic Feel to Your Space


Even those who are generally drawn to contemporary spaces in magazines and on design shows often choose to create a rustic environment for their own personal home. Bold, elegant, and daring rooms are all going to make a lasting impression with guests, but there is just something about a rustic space that is irresistible. It is important to note that rustic does not have to mean traditional or country like some assume. When done correctly, you can easily incorporate rustic elements in a very modern environment.

Start with a Fireplace

A roaring fire is a must if you want to create a room with a welcoming and cozy feel. However, a wood-burning fire is something you want to avoid. Smoke emits countless toxins that adversely affect your health and the environment. Not to mention it smells awful. You want an odorless fire. An ethanol fireplace burns clean bio fuel made from sustainable crops that gives you an odorless fire that emits no toxins into the air. It will not compromise your health or the planet.

Address the Ceiling

Something as small as adding an exposed wood beam can give you the rustic look you are longing for. You don't have to actually need a beam to have one. False construction elements make great décor pieces.


If you are not quite sure how to decorate for a rustic theme, focus on the furniture. A few wood pieces will create a homey feel, especially if it is weathered, or at least a little aged. Wood tables don't have to be glossy and perfect. A few scratches or blemishes add character, so don't pass up that great find at the yard sale.

Fans and Fixtures

Chances are pretty good that you have ceiling fans in your home. Swap that modern fan for a wood one. You might want to replace that crystal chandelier with one made from naturally shed antlers, too. Even lamps can be replaced with lanterns.

Small Details

From wicker baskets to end grain cutting boards, there are endless things you can decorate with that will add a rustic vibe to your space. Even old suitcases or a stack of encyclopedias can be used as art. You can even get old shutters that would normally go on the outside of your house and paint and mount them by your windows inside your home.

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