Big Decorating Ideas for a Small Bedroom


Sometimes, even a master bedroom does not allow for much more than a bed and dresser. That being said, some have huge bedrooms and still feel cramped and don't know how to decorate. Making a small room feel both personal and stylish can be a challenge, but it is definitely not impossible. These tips will help.

Do You Need the Room to Appear Larger?

Do you have plenty of room for essentials, but the space just looks small because it is full? Maybe you just need some mirrors strategically placed on the walls. The reflective nature of mirror makes a room appear larger. Perhaps you need to lighten your color palate or exchange your furniture for different pieces. Maybe you really don't need the room to look larger at all. Small spaces often feel more welcoming and comfortable.

Reduce Clutter

You have to be extra careful about having things out of place in a smaller space because it will look cluttered and feel busy quite easily. Even a stack of movies on the nightstand and a few pair of shoes in a pile can create clutter. Give everything a home. You can "fake" this, too by having an attractive fabric bin you just toss your odds and ends in, so they are out-of-sight.

Large Scale Items

You do not always have to use small furniture or décor in a small room. You can use large and bold pieces, just keep them to a minimum. For example, a large platform bed with drawers under gives you extra storage space. A zero clearance fireplace is another great idea. You can install a zero clearance fireplace in an interior wall and you will have warmth and a focal point. You really don't need much art with one of these fireplaces present.


You can add a lot of depth to a room by painting a rich, deep color on one wall. Leave the other walls a pale color, so they "fade" away. Keep in mind that yellow, red, and other warm colors close in a space while cool shades like blues, greens and light purple colors recede the eye.

It's not always necessary to make a room appear larger. Sometimes, people want a room to seem bigger just because they think it will look better, but bigger is not always better. Don't focus on the size of the room. Focus your attention on creating the feel you are looking for.

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  • Brady Draper