Quick Home Makeover Ideas


Are you feeling a little bored with your living space lately? When you look at the same walls every day, it is quite common to become less inspired by a space that you once loved. Some people just deal with these feelings for a while until they have the extra money to do a full makeover or remodel, but this is not necessary. There are quick mini makeovers that you can do to freshen up your space, so it feels new again.

Clear the Decor

Sometimes, you just need to start with a (semi) fresh palette. Clear all the knickknacks, pillows, etc. out of the room and pack them all in boxes. You may want to use them again in the future, or  you could end up just donating them all. Either way, it is hard to imagine a new look when you are staring at the old one.

Cover the Walls

Even if you rent your place and not permitted to paint, there are still creative things you can do with the walls. Use thumbtacks to attach fabric to a wall from floor-to-ceiling, or look into removable wallpaper and adhesive decals. You can always just place shoji screens in front of a wall, too.

Change Hardware

The quickest way to give your kitchen a facelift is to change all the hardware. Brushed nickel s very popular right now. While you are doing this you might as well address the lights, too. Swap your ceiling light in the bedroom for a chandelier and hang a few pendants over the breakfast bar. It is time to change your lamp shades, too.

Add a Focal Point

Every room in your house needs a focal point. If you choose the right item, you won't have to fill the room with an abundance of décor just to cover walls and shelves. One solid piece can take the place of many. This is the case with a bio ethanol fireplace. Whether it is lit or not it is going to attract a lot of attention. They are available in wall, tabletop, and freestanding varieties, so there really is one to accommodate every space.

Add a Rug

If you have ever seen the movie "The Big Lebowski" then you know that a good rug truly does tie a room together. Not to mention, you can cover up a stain or a high traffic worn down area until you are ready to replace it.

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