Simple Wall Decorating Ideas on a Budget


Despite what you may have been taught to believe, you do not have to invest thousands of dollars on a piece of wall art just to make your space gossip-worthy. Decorating the walls in a home is often a dilemma with people, especially those with a smaller budget, but there are countless things you can do and buy to make it look like you spent a fortune on your décor, even though you didn't.

Focus on Large Scale Items

One of the biggest mistakes people make is buying numerous cheap items to fill the walls. You don't have to put something on every wall. Take that money and buy one quality thing that will become a focal point. There is such a thing as over-decorating. So, dressing every wall could make the space feel busy.

Consider a Fireplace

A fireplace that produces clean flames is the perfect wall décor for any size room in your home. You can find these fireplaces that burn bio ethanol fuel in a variety of sizes, styles, and prices, so there is one to complement every living space. Since bio ethanol produces clean flames, you do not have to worry about smoke, odor, or toxins being emitted into the air. Not to mention, these fireplace are virtually maintenance free, which is always a bonus.

Take Advantage of Shelves

Shelves are also ideal for any size space. In a small room, they can double as storage, but in a large home, they give you a place to display art, photos, collections, books, etc. Do not feel as though you have to make sure every shelf is perfectly lined up with the others. Sometimes, the display that is created looks a lot more interesting, if it does not look like you tried to make it perfect.

Have Fun with Paint

There does not have to actually be something on a wall for it to attract attention. Painting a bold accent wall gives a room an instant facelift, but it does not have to stop there. Sponge paint, create stripes, or paint a mural. You can also wallpaper a wall with paper that looks like bricks, boulders, wood, etc. You may also want to consider one of the many decals that are available to buy online, as well. You can find everything from nature to meaningful quotes. If you are a renter, make sure you pick the type of decals that can be peeled away without damaging paint.

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